Monday, May 2, 2011

Questions and Videos.

Hey Everyone.
How are you?
Im tired :)
Tonight i'm going to share videos. Is that cool with ya'll?

I was checking ''my artists'' websites and wanted to share it with you.

O.k. so what have you been reading lately? {I'm not just typing this to my pictures on the wall im talking to you!!!!}
What is your favorite song lately?
What Scripture are you reading right now?
What is your favorite drink {right now}?
What is your favorite Worship song lately?

So, because I want you to answer my questions I will answer these and yours in the future. If you have a question for me {about pretty much anything}  add it below and I will try to answer it honestly! {You might want to take advantage of this oppurtunity!!! :) }
And {I know im sorry} I will answer the questions I just asked you.
Q: What have I been reading lately? A: Im so sure By: Jenny B. Jones and Leaving By: Karen Kingsbury
Q: What is your favorite song lately? I am now regreting asking that question because now I have to answer it.... I have really been enjoying Mandisa's new c.d.   Umm... others would include: Sanctus Real Lead Me, Jamie-Grace Into Jesus, Shawn Mcdonald Closer, and {This is extremely hard!!} Brandon Heath Light In Me.....There are many more {Just so ya know}

Here is a song that has been Brandon Heath's favorite song lately {off his from the new album}

Q: What Scripture are you reading right now? A: Tonight I read a chapter in Psalms...Since I am beginning to memorize Hebrews I have been reading that...and because I have recently finished Matthew, Mark is the next book I will start on...

Q: What is your favorite drink right now? A: Gold Peak Sweet Tea...and Iced Coffees.
Q: What is your favorite Worship song lately? A: Well, lately I have been singing/humming the song Remembrance By: Matt Redman {I didn't know who sang it until like two seconds ago}and Healer By: Kari Jobe..

Hope you enjoyed this :)
Write some questions for me :)
Don't forget to add a reaction {thank-you to that one person who did last time : P }below :)

Live For Jesus.
Dream On!
Love, Witness, and Serve.
Love some more.
Sing, Sing, Sing.
Come back soon to visit :)
Love you guys!
<3, Your Peculiar Blogger,
Emilee <3 Kaye

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