Wednesday, May 22, 2013

i'm human and i love Jesus.

"I'm human and I love Jesus."

Her voice cracked and whispered the words, "That's what I want them to know."


It all rushes back.

I would tell you I don't know why I haven't written on Peculiar Treasures for awhile, but that simply wouldn't be true. I had writers block. I'm grieving. Among other key reasons, there you have it.

Maybe I feel guilty for bringing him up my Grandpa's passing when grief is simply something that usually happens quietly. I wish that these last few months would have had more blogged word, but I have still been writing.

We all try to act like we have it together.

We walk around like we know what we're talking about. Like words and unwanted silence doesn't matter and that we are broken heart resistant. The lies that we hear, the lies that we tell ourselves, the lies that we, to our core, believe... aren't there.

 “Community arises where the sharing of pain takes place, not as a stifling form of self-complaint, but as a recognition of God's saving promises.” --Henri J. M. Nouwen, The Wounded Healer.