Wednesday, February 8, 2012

13 Candles.

I am going to take you through my birthday! :) To pretend like you were with me all along... I will give you outline of my day. :) Thank-you all very much for the birthday songs, cards, and greetings! They were very much appreciated: So, to everyone who wished they could be with me today... and to all those who wished me a joyful day... Enjoy.

This morning: Grandma sent us a text at 7:00 and we celebrated {with Raskal, my ''puppy'' ;) dog} at 7:09AM that I was a official teenager! :) Then, we came to Peculiar Treasures and changed the introduction to ''I am12 years old and am homeschooled'' to ''I am 13 years old and am homeschooled.'' :) Call me crazy, but I enjoyed it. {{In between random pictures imagine me opening birthday text messages. :) My inbox has never been so flooded in one day ;) }} So, then we took our sweet time drinking coffee, praying, and getting ready for our day! :)

Oh, yes :) Does this precious baby look famaliar?? I made a special request to have some time with the Clay's on my birthday! :) Makenna is getting so big.


Miss Tori in action. :)

After spending time w/ the Clay's we went to RE:new at church! No pictures of that event... Busy praying!! :)

Following some awesome time of prayer, we drove to Manhattan where this picture took place:

Mom and I met Miranda to hang out at Starbucks! Oh, it was swell :) The last time we were at Starbucks together: It was in Amsterdam! :) Anyway, we chatted for an hour and a half at Starbucks and then went down the road to the Christian Bookstore :) {One of Emilee's favorite places of all time.} Where we got the latest Kari Jobe c.d. w/ this item as well.

{{Greek Dictionary.}}

Oh, the blogs and journals that book will enhance! ;)

It was an awesome somewhat relaxing day! When we got back to town we had several minutes between events... THEN Mom and Dad went to HomeGroup and I went to PowerHour.
We closed the night eating dinner with some grandparentals {No, not a official word, but to my brother and I-- it is ;)}! Thank-you everyone for making my birthday special... and every other day. :)
Now, this girl has to go study! :)

In Him,

Emilee Kaye