Thursday, March 31, 2011

~P.O.V. {Point Of View} Pictures and Prayer Requests~

Hello Everyone!
How are you? For real... {?}

                                         O.k. So have you ever had Pizza with cloth napkins and wine glasses?
                                             I have and it was AWESOME!!!!

                              My P.O.V. while reading HEAVEN IS FOR REAL :)

                                       My First Place Of Revolvin' :)
                                         Kemper Arena, Kansas City

                                         Coconut m8m's!! {really good}

                                         Coming home from grocery shopping in The Little
                                          {Manhattan, KS} Experiencing The Flint Hills : D


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Overdue Blog Now Turned In :)

Hey Guys! Sorry it has been awhile :( The other night I had it ready at like midnight, but my laptop was not working for me. It was almost dead and really I went to bed :)
This is the blog I had for you March 28th :) I might be back later...I will see.
Love, Emilee <3

~ <3 ~ <3 ~ <3~

Hey, How's it goin'?
My day was awesome!

Tonight I am going to share photos and such...I hope you enjoy them :)

                        Sarah, Jenna, and I :)

                     So, if you really, truly think about it...If your phone went off and said ''New MSG from God'' you would open it wouldn't you? Than why aren't you? The whole Bible is a new MSG you just have to open it up! {And} I promise that no one has ever sent you one message that is that big. It is a big love letter! From God!!!

                                                                           hehe : P

                                                    Where it all began :)
O.k. so it began earlier than this book, but you get the idea :)
Men may spurn our appeals, reject our message, oppose our arguments, despise our persons, but they are HELPLESS against
our prayers. ~Sidlow Baxter

Just a quote that I LOVE!!!

I have to go :(
but I will talk to you soon, my friends!!!

Love, Emilee <3 Kaye

Sunday, March 27, 2011

~Sweet Soul Refreshing Friendship~

We want it. We need it. We want people to be nice to us...BUT did you know that nice really means {in some foreign language dictionary} Nice-from the Latin ''nescius''- ''ignorant'' ''nescire''- meant ''not to know'' or ''not knowing''. So I don't know if you have noticed, but I try my best not to say ''She is super nice!'', because that would be an insult! {But kind...} ''Kind''Greek ''Chrestos'' CRAY- stans ~good natured~ Profitable, fit, good for any use..Of persons useful toward others.
So...obviously if I tell someone they are kind now that is a compliment! So we don't really want nice friends we want kind friends. So, you need to work on being a good friend yourself before you expect a friend that you aren't. You have to take the log out of you eye before you help {gently} take out anothers. Here are some examples of how I want to be remembered...or just plain defined as.

~2 Samuel 1:26
O my dear brother Jonathan, I'm crushed by your death. Your friendship was a miracle-wonder, love far exceeding anything I've known— or ever hope to know  ~The Message

O.k. so my name is not Jonathan...I obviously am not dead, but I want someone to think that my friendship was a miracle-wonder...I want people to say that I had a love far  exceeding anything They have known- or ever hope to know! I mean seriously guys!!!!

~Proverbs 27:9
Just as lotions and fragrance give sensual delight, a sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

So like even though this sounds friendship could compare to Sea Island Cotton lotion {!} and that is awesome! O.k. so maybe not how I make it out to be, but friendship refreshes the soul...Refreshes the soul! Did you hear me?
Can you recall the last time you finished a phone/face to face conversation with a friend?
I can. It is bitter-sweet because I really don't want to hang up, but you come away refreshed.
My friends and I talk about our lives...People we hope to witness to...all kinds of stuff. When I get off the phone after a much needed phone call I feel better. When I feel miserable or have a pity party that person can make me laugh and go to bed happy. Sometimes I still don't feel better, but it makes me feel good that they care...

Do you know Ruth? Well, if you don't go find a Bible and read it right now...The whole book is only 4 chapters...So go read it and come back to chat...Thank-you :)
I also dream about meeting Ruth because I think she is amazing! She was willing to sacrifice anything just so she wouldn't lose touch with her mother-in-law...She is an amazing woman!
I have said this before and Im saying it again. I want to be a Ruth in my Emilee Kaye sorta way.
I want to be an wonderful friend. I try to check up on my friends...Send them them...See them....Anyway, I want my friends to feel special.  
I want to make a difference in their lives.

I also want my friends to not imagine having me as a friend without talking about God, Jesus, and the Bible.  I want everyone that knows me to know that I am a Jesus Freak and that my best friend was born in a manger!!! Most of them do...some say I am a Bible girl...and I listen to ''church music'', but it is the truth!! I AM a Bible girl and I DO listen to church music. {I would rather sing about God stuff than Girl drama! Just sayin'}
Try to influence people in the way you live.
Be honest.
Live for Jesus!
Check up on your family that you normally wouldn't talk to just because. You won't influence them by leaving them alone.
That is all for now guys!
Goodnight Friends!
Sweet Dreams.
Your friend,
 Emilee <3 Kaye :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

BLoG nUMber nINE

Hey Followers!
How is your Saturday?
Mine has been uneventful, but that's o.k.
I slept in, took a shower, made my bed, ate lunch, and looked through some new decorating magazines :)
Tonight I am going to Aunt Becky's to play with the little ones when Mom and Dad have a Bible study...Today im going to share some videos and flair :)

This is Jonny Diaz {I guess they told you that, huh?}
This song used to be my ringtone and I LOVE it :)

                                                       Jason Gray and Emilee Kaye :)


                       I have only had one bottle, but this stuff is awesome! It reminds me
                        of Mississippi and guess where it is ''from''!!! Kenya!


                   Des Moines, Iowa! Only the most awesome town ever :)
                  The best bookstores, Awesome buildings, and a AMAZING science center!
                   I love any skyline, but the building to the right of this image is in my top 3.

                                                  Sarah, Jenna, and I in December :)                                        

                     I will talk to you later :)
                    Love a Peculiar Treasure,
                    Emilee <3 Kaye
                    1 Timothy 4:12


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dream On!!

So, did you do your ''thinking''?
If you didn't then well thats really really sad. Just sayin'.
Do any of you know my dreams? Many of you do and many of you don't.
In February I went to Revolve...I probably wouldn't be able to write this blog without them! :)

Tonight our memory verse is this:
God can do anything! ~Luke 1:37 NCV
Another one is:
I can to all things through Christ who strengthens me. ~Phillipians 4:13

My dream....

To go to Africa 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years. Especially Kenya!
I want to work for World Vision or have my ''own'' orphanage/homeless shelter/school.

To sing...maybe...That has been my dream since forever ago, but I want to do what is below even more. {Faithgirls rock!}

WRITE! I want to write unfiction especially, but I would love to have fiction books also.
I want to be a speaker at Revolve or a event that is similar...I have said that I want to be a ''Beth Moore'' for teenage girls...we will see! {note to you: I will always remember my faithful followers of Peculiar Treasures :) }

My dreams change constantly, but these  above are the ones I talk about the majority of the time.

I dream of heaven. It helps me get through anything. Jenna {Lucado Bishop, but I will call her Jenna from now on} did all of her speaking on heaven and she said this ''Once you see the finish line your worries and aches go away and all you care about is getting there.''
So, if you keep your eyes on where your going when this life is over this life doesn't seem so important anymore. Try it. Dream about meeting Jesus. Meeting Noah...John the Baptist...Sitting by the Holy Spirit...Have you read Heaven Is For Real, yet?! Do it!

I dream of the lost being found. I dream about it...but most of all pray for those people.
I pray for them. EVERYDAY. When that dream come true is about the best thing you could EVER experience. Pray for the lost.

So I have my dreams. I dream of writing, speaking, singing, working on the mission field, but if I didn't love it would amount to nothing. If I didn't do it for Jesus, what would I be doing it for?

Pray about your dreams...God can do anything (!) so why sit around? Why not look the hurting in the eye when you could make a difference?  Why not? You tell me. Wait, I already know, so don't tell me. We want to feel comfortable. We don't want other people thinking we are like those people who you are trying to reach out to. {If you read it slowly it begins to make more sense}  We think that we can stay in our own little world and never leave. We don't take the time. God does indeed comfort you when you are hurting, but He doesn't want you to sit around! He wants you to share what you have with the world.
Step out of your comfort zone.

You may have heard this before, but I want to share it with you.
If you found a cure for cancer, you would tell people right? Exactly.
A doctor would never keep that to himself...
We have something better than a cure to cancer. Jesus.
So why don't we share?
Wherever and whatever time it is where you are, dream about what you could do for Jesus and
pray for the people that need Him.

Another thing, think about what you could do to fulfill that dream for today.
Mine is to write this. To send memory verse text messages. To witness when the chance comes. To check up on my friends. To pray for my sponsored child in Africa. {and many others of course}
 What is yours?

Dream On, friends!!!

As I am typing I can here thunder :)
I love rain :)
Have a great day everyone!!!!
Goodnight Blogspot.
Goodnight Followers.

Sweet dreams,
Emilee <3 Kaye

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Videos and Dreams Sigh.

Hello everyone :)
Tonight im going to share some videos for you to watch...including some songs I have been telling you to look up :) Up above, is an 11 year old revealing Jesus throughout the Bible.

Jason Gray:
Is a  ''new'' Christian artist who I met last October. His music is amazing... His website is: is the song I recommended you to look up last night. I love it :)

Here is the other one I recommended by Jamie-Grace {Harper} Hold Me

Toby Mac is also in it...He discovered her on YouTube and she now is on the Revolve Tour and has 5 songs out. She is awesome!

Here is my girl, Jenna! I met her in February and she is really kind, loving, and caring. Here is one video of her at Revolve.

O.k. so how was your date {with Jesus}?
Im curious.
Today I have been ''blogging'' for a week!

What is your dream?
 I have like a billion!
I will talk about this more next time, because I seriously don't have enough time, but before that I want you to think about your dreams for you, your dreams to reach the world for Christ, and what you hope the impact of that happening will be. Think about your dreams in a different way.
Pray about your dreams. See what you can do today to fulfill it.
I will share my many dreams, you will think about yours, and Jesus will guide us through it all.
Im already excited. :)

Sweet Dreams my friends!
Emilee <3 Kaye

P.S. Tell me what you think about the videos! {please}

Jesus. My {Emilee's} Treasure, My Husband. My Everything.

Here is our Scripture for this evening:
...I promised you to one husband, to Christ, so that I might present to you as a pure virgin to Him. (v3) But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpant's cunning your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ.
~2 Corianthians 11:2-3 NIV

Before we get into that, here is our definition for devotion:
committed love: deep love and commitment
dedication: great dedication and loyalty
enthusiasm: strong enthusiasm and admiration for somebody or something
religious fervor: fervent religious or spiritual feeling
act of devoting: the act of devoting something or being devoted to a particular purpose
prayers: prayers or other religious observances, especially somebody's private prayers or observances
Most of you {including me} wouldn't think as devotion as admiraton or deep love, but its a awesome thought...Don't ya think?
So, you might be married or single, but Jesus is the person you should love the MOST!
Paul's recommendation is to not even think about getting married, but if you do He also has some guidelines that you should follow.
 So, he is promising you to a perfect man that will marry you on your first date or on your millionth. He will never say something to hurt you or make you insecure, He will never die. He's perfect. He's fully God and fully human. He will never ignore your calls. He has written you a book that you most likely don't read as often as you should. He never rolls His eyes. He loves children. He has beautiful eyes. He doesn't watch football {or at least I dont think so :) }. He lives in heaven. He died so you can live.
You would never say no to Him right?! Then why are you?
Fall in love with Jesus.
You don't have to say a prayer that is super long. You can ask Him questions. You can cry. You can laugh.
Have a date with Jesus today. Just you and Him. Grab a Bible, read it, and pray.
Plus, on a date with Jesus you don't have to worry about what to wear!

How 'bout you?

I love this! Its the truth. {for any guy who is reading this transform the Boys to girls, thank-you}
I love boys who love Jesus <3
I hope you make it a priority...not just a cute flair....

I love Jesus. He loves me.

I hope this becomes true to you or already is.

You didn't think a 12 year old could be in love did you?
You thought wrong.

Ever had a moment when you just see couples everywhere? Have you ever ate a meal with a couple? Ever experienced a terrible Valentines Day? Do you wish facebook didn't have to know if you were single or not? {The questions could go on and on and on}
Listen to the song: Hold Me by Jamie-Grace
and the song More Like Falling In Love by Jason Gray.

Goodmorning to many of you and goodnight to you night owls like me :)
Im gonna go read and pray.
Don't forget about that date you have with Mr. Right.
He wouldn't miss it for anything.
I need to go for real now, because I could be here all night!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jars Of Clay and Jars Of Clay {also about my day :) }

Hello everyone! I hope no one is bored from reading my blogs yet, because I love coming here pretty much every night at 10-12 ish and write them. :)
In other words, I hope that you love them as much as I love writing them.

So, I told you last night that I would soon talk about 2 Corianthians 4:7 so here it is:
We have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us. ~2 Cor. 4:7 ESV

Here are some of the questions that I pointed out.
Who is the treasure?
Jesus is. You are his Peculiar Treasure and He is your treasure. :)
Who is the jar(s) of clay?      To help with this question:
~ Isaiah 64:8 ''Yet, O Lord, you are our Father, we are the clay,
You are the Potter, we are the work of your hand.~
You. You {if you have accepted Jesus} hold Him in your heart, in your soul. In your jar of clay.
Pretty cool right?! Exactly.
So, the ultimate reason you have Him in you is so that you can show others how mighty God is and that the power to do everything is not in you, but in Him. In the movie ''Facing The Giants''
David, a high school student, asks his dad why God made him so weak and small and the father replied, ''To show how mighty He is.'' {Don't judge me if the wording is off : P}
I love that line and guess who lead the Eagles to victory at state? David did. With God's help of course.
 {Sorry for the story spoiler, but I just had to :) }
So, Jesus is your treasure, your Friend, and He makes you how you are, with your gifts, to show how mighty He is.

Now, you might be wondering what the 2nd Jars Of Clay is all about.
Jars Of Clay is a Christian band that have many great songs and have a heart for Africa.
You should look them up sometime. Here is a photo of them:

Today I saw Grandpa Kerwin, Grandma Dixie and Jake.
It was a normal day, but I enjoyed it...It was absolutely beautiful outside today,
but storms will probably come tomorrow {yay!}
How is the weather like where you are?

Here are some more flair:

O'Charley's has my favorite meal. No joke.
Prime Rib Pasta.
The sad part is, The only one I have ever seen {it is a branch}
is in Collierville, Tennessee.

I love roadtrips, but I couldn't do it without a good book :)
Enough said ; D

Tow Mater! I may be 12, but I am super excited about Cars 2!
I love Mater :)

Lyrics from one of my favorite songs from...guess.
It is also my ringtone and alarm clock :)

                        And this is just a perfect flair that you should already know about :)

            Tonight was HAWAII FIVE-O night. Ahhhhh. Yes, this is my reasoning for Monday        
                                                       nights being awesome :)
       I used to avoid it and now I think im more excited about it than Mom and Dad.  : P

I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday and will have a even better day tomorrow.
See you guys next time and sorry for this being ridiculously long! :)


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good Books, Flair, and Jars of Clay.

Today I went to church....and read pretty much all afternoon.
It was awesome!
I finished this book first:

Which was amazing! Whatever age you are this is a book you HAVE to read. No exaggeration there. (Thanks Grandma Kenny)

Then I finished re-reading this volume:

O.k. so Christy Miller and ''the God-lover'' books are the best series EVER.
If you are around my age or have a daughter, friend, friends daughter, WHATEVER...She/you need to read them! (but start in volume one of course :) )
(Thanks Aunt Becky!)

and.....lately I have been reading Matthew. Tonight I read chapter five...
(Thanks Mrs. Khristi!)

Then I literally just started this book:

 Which I can't really tell you about yet, because I have only read one chapter. :)
(Thanks Grandma Kenny!)

How was everbody's Sunday? I hope it was o.k. and you stay encouraged through the whole ''depressing beginning of the week syndrome'', but personally I don't mind Monday's.
The school of course im not a big fan of, but Monday nights aren't that bad...Do any of you know why? ( can't say)

Here are some pictures of flair that I thought you might want to see:

Anyway, I will share some more next time. Even thought they aren't cool on Facebook anymore, I think they are awesome and awesome is a better word than cool! Just sayin' :)

But we have this treasure in jars of clay , to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us. ~2 Corianthians 4:7

I recently found this verse and loved it. Do you know who is the treasure? and who is the jar of clay?
(This will be used in a upcoming blog)

O.k. so since my first blog, have any of you shared that phrase  {Peculiar Treasures} with a friend? Or with anybody for that matter :) ? I hope you do or will.

Live for Jesus! Have a wonderful day!

Goodnight Blogspot.
Goodnight Peculiar Treasures.
Jesus loves you.

Emilee <3 Kaye :~ D

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rain, Rain, DONT GO AWAY!!!

Oh! The sound of rain on the roof, hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa Kerwin's, and good books :)
Just Sayin'!
Have a good day everyone!
Emilee <3 Kaye
Hey You....Im into Jesus :)

God's Word, Green Tea, and Toby Mac :)

Hey Ya'll ; )
Here we go again!

Deuteronomy 23:5
However, the Lord your God would not listen to Baalam but turned the curse into a blessing for you, because the Lord your God loves you.

I first heard this first during a over-the-phone Bible study with my forever friend, Sarah.
We both were speachless by everything it said { by the way Balaam's story is in Numbers},
because it was just so awesome!

So, Jesus, can take any broken heart, a hurtful thing, {personalize it to your own shackle} and turn it into a blessing! Now, he doesn't do it for your comfort, but rather for His will, His glory, and your testimony. Your testimony doesn't have to stop when you get saved and have been baptized...That is where it all begins. My testimony is like my whole life story....the people I pray for, the witnessing opportunities I have been blessed with, my story. Anyway, {I totally got off the point :) } God can! I mean most of you know Phil. 4:13...{I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me}, but think about it again. I mean seriously people.....God can do Anything! There are like a billion verses about it! He can give you a mercy morning, forgiveness, and He can have a relationship with you OUT of the church pew. He can do EVERYTHING! I could talk about it forever, because obviously the possibilities are ENDLESS!

So you probably wanted to know what my random title was about....well right now im drinking green tea and I was listenin' to Toby when I started this blog {and just because He is awesome}. It has been absolutely amazing....but I am going to go read, pray, read, and pray some more.  :) So what have you guys been up to?

Also, if you want to take the simplest and best part of this verse than read this:
Jesus Loves You.
He doesn't have to have you, but He wants you.
He doesn't need you, but He chooses to use you.
He had the power to not be nailed to a cross, but He did it for you anyway.
He could give up on you when you bore Him and don't speak with Him, but I promise you He won't and never has.

Emilee <3 Kaye

Toby Mac: City On Our Knees
Jason Gray: Help Me, Thank-You
Jason Gray: Jesus, Use Me, Im Yours.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Peculiar Treasures?! {My first blog! ; D }

Hey ya'll! {I dont really say that I just like the sound of it!}
This is my first blog and im super excited! I hope you guys enjoy it and continue to come and check up on me every once in awhile :)
So, we are going to be talking about what my heading ''Peculiar Treasures'' actually is. Do you know?

Well, if you guessed that it is probably in the Bible since Miss Emilee is a Jesus Freak you guessed right. :) Now, bear with me with all these translations and definitions please :)
 It comes from Exodus 19:5:

Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all earth is mine. ~King James Version

 If you will listen obediently to what I say and keep my covenant, out of all peoples you'll be my special treasure. The whole Earth is mine to choose from, but you're special: a kingdom of priests, a holy nation.'  ~The Message

5Now therefore, if you will indeed obey my voice and keep my covenant, you shall be(A) my treasured possession among all peoples, for(B) all the earth is mine; ~English Standard Version

pe cul iar  2. particular; unique; special. 3. out of the ordinary; queer; odd; strange.
4. something belonging to one only, as a privilege.

treas ure 1. any person or thing considered valuable 2. to value greatly; cherish.

and special could has many different meanings, but these are my favorites....

spe cial 1. different from the others; distinctive; peculiar; or unique. 2.highly regarded and valued [a special friend]

Did any of those surprise you? To be honest...I just looked them up and who would have thought that peculiar would be considered special or belonging to one only? When I first heard ''Peculiar Treasures'' I only thought of it as crazy and wild. {I still kinda do}
I first heard of it in my favorite book series and I even have a peculiar treasure wall in my living room with pictures of my closest peculiar treasures.
So you might think it is wierd to be God's peculiar treasure, but I think it is the best thing I could ever be called if it includes belonging to one person: Jesus. He cherishes me, He accepts that im crazy and different from the others then He changes it into irrestible godliness.
If you think its wierd that I talk to the Maker of the universe than YOU are the one that really is crazy {sorry}.  I will be unique, a special friend, and belong to God over anything else I could ever be.
 You thought I was done? No way : P we have to have a little chat about the other part of the verse.
No one, I repeat NO ONE can keep ALL God's commandments, but you can try/do your best and never stop asking for forgiveness. Obey His voice....Come to Him...Please talk with my best friend tonight/today for me. His name is Jesus. He doesn't have a cell phone, because when ever you talk or even think a prayer He hears you, because He is better than Verizon Wireless!!!! Plus, He's up all night anyway :)

Well, I will most likely check in tomorrow late in the afternoon or around this time. 
Tell me what you guys thought :) Thanks for reading.
A Peculiar Treasure,
Emilee <3 Kaye The First

P.S. Mom, sorry if I made any spelling mistakes ; P