Wednesday, February 26, 2014

bistro bliss inspiration

Hey there, beautiful.

Or handsome.

“You'll need coffee shops and sunsets and road trips, airplanes and passports and new songs and old songs, but people more than anything else. You will need other people and you will need to be that other person to someone else. A living, breathing, screaming invitation to believe better things.”

I'm at a coffee shop - at Bluestem Bistro in a lovely little corner of Aggieville.  If you don't love to just come sit in a place like this, I don't understand you.

For me, it is beyond inspiring - the perfect place to study, write, and people watch.

The coffee steam, the rattling keys, everyone listening to their own playlists, job interviews in one corner, someone smiling at their phone at the other.

The sweet guy that took my order...

The girl that was dishing dirt on a homeschool boy she and her best friend knew. I grimace at the words.

Across the way one girl asked, "Have you read Kisses From Katie?" and my heart smiles. Just this morning my long lost sister sent me a text about that book that I just lent to her.

As I type these words, there is a cute couple waiting for their lattes. I will soon find out that they ended up sitting close on the couch in the foyer of this little packed bistro. They are reading the Word together. You can see that she respects him & I bet that he really loves her.

Earlier a girl sat next to me and the only thing inspirational I have to say about her is that she taught me how to not study. She scrolled facebook with her book open & studied for a total of maybe five minutes. It was pathetic. End of story.

People walk briskly by & some people sit back & take it easy.

I may be listening to Mumford & Sons, but Brandon Heath's message in his song "Give Me Your Eyes" is reminding me to look at these people and not only see their shell, but to be aware for their soul. Where are they going? How can I be a light to them today? How can I show them that someone loves them? We need these people to challenge us. Challenge us to become more like them - or to challenge us to never become like them. Whether they are a close friend or a total stranger, we need to be sharpened by all of them, whether we like them or not. Especially when we don't like them.

What is inspiring you to be a better Light today?

And he will give rain for the seed with which you sow the ground...”         -Isaiah 30:23

Be someone's screaming reason to believe better things today and take heart, friends.


Matthew 5:13-16 :) be them.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

valentine's schmalentines

Hello, Treasures!

My birthday has gone, details may be in line about that later, but now -

the dreaded time has come.

You know what I'm talking about.

Valentine's Day.

You weren't expecting me to just let it pass, were you? Surely not. :)

Last month on one of Glory & I's sweet coffee dates she very seriously said, "If we can get you through Valentine's Day, maybe it will all be smooth sailing from there!" Yes, there is a reason it's worse this year...& no, I'm not going to tell you in full. I will tell you this, however, last year was good.

Jenna Lucado Bishop just wrote a Valentine's Day post about healing, about why this week might hurt or just stink for some of us. I loved this quote, "It could be that this Valentine’s week only brings you pain because you haven’t met him or you miss him." 
To read the rest of this powerful post, click here.

This day will most likely be miserable for me. I wish it was over. I have to try to make it good in whatever possible way I can, whether I want it to be tolerable or not. By the end of the day, I will crawl into some comfy corner of my house probably looking something like this:

Speaking of which, somebody needed to purchase this card for me:

One of my favorites. 

Time to turn right. ;) 

Classic Anti-Valentine's card. 

Found this at Target a month or so ago, but I went back to find it more recently & it was gone. Bummer. ;)

This lovely shirt was spotted in Aggieville in early January. 

Personal favorite: drink hot sauce. 

If I had a brave enough soul, I would carry around this bag on Friday. 

Remember my mistletoe forever alone picture? This is my different season version of that picture. I took it in Estes Park after a very long day of altitude sickness & watching Netflix instead of seeing the sights. 

Preferably, of course, that someone is me. Just sayin'.

High five to whomever is in charge off this beautiful store front. This sight was also found in Aggieville, the outside window of ACME gifts where I found MANY wonderful cards. 

Here is one of the cards I enjoyed:

What's the point? I might hear you asking. Did I write this post to just get attention or to have a public pity party?

Well, there are two 'points'. 

Number one is this - I have been called to be real. In this shape & form, it might look a little messy. It might seem like a pity party to you. Think whatever you'd like, but I can't lie to myself & encourage you to love Valentine's Day. 

When the Lord wants me to be closer to Him, especially when I've been hurt, He doesn't ask me to pretend like I am okay. He gently asks me to tell Him everything. To put away all of my acting & to be Emilee - the Emilee that He died for, not Emilee the hypocrite. 

So, here I am. 

Secondly, somebody needs to know that even if this week or this life is just plain hard right now - you're not alone. 

I know that you don't want to hear this, but I'm going to tell you anyway.


Don't forget that, okay?

I may listen to sad songs & write super sad journals, but I always know that He loves me. That won't change. It never will. That's what matters. 

Whether or not this Valentine's Day rocks my world, the Rock won't move. His Word and His love is our only security in this life. I can't ask for more when I have Him. 

In this season the Lord keeps engraving these words on my heart day after day, "I will do what I have promised." 

He is faithful. I believe I know what He has promised, but even so, "The God of promises of Scripture is faithful, but faithfulness does not imply predictability." -Beverly Roberts Gaventa

Someday, I believe that I will love Valentine's Day no matter how much I cringe at the thought. 
You know why I will love it? Because I just might have a guy to stand at the side of the road with gazing at the mountains in Estes Park and my hand will rest along his side. Because someday all of these butterflies & heartbreaks in all of our lives are going to make sense. We have to believe that if we're going to survive another Valentine's Day.

That desire, for my man, may not be fulfilled for many years. If you're older than me you are cringing at that last sentence because you're thinking that my life has been nothing but simple so far & that I know nothing of what hard waiting looks like.

Again, my friend, think whatever you'd like, but the Lord's words to me will remain stronger than anyone's doubt:

I will do what I have promised. 

Grab yourself some depressing love songs if you must, pop in a sappy movie, eat some chocolate, and... in the way that you know how: hold onto hope & all of His lovely promises in this messy life. 

Peace out,

P.S. Happy birthday to Austin! My nephew is turning 7 on Friday. I was 8 when he was born. Wowzers. Love that little man & I can't believe how much he's growing up. Excited to celebrate with him on Saturday, on the best day of the year, February 15th!