Monday, August 13, 2012

crisis, plans changed, and lessons learned.

On Friday, my oldest brother, Zach and his wife, Tonya, and two kiddos came to visit us.
We hung out, visited, ate supper, and went to the park Friday.
Our plans on Saturday were rather fun and delightful, but they wouldn't become a reality.
For now, anyway.

Friday night my nephew and I had a sleepover in our living room. We stayed up late, giggled
about ''staying up ALL night'', and watched his pick of cartoons. Spongebob VS. Yo Gabba Gabba or something. ;) After Austie fell asleep, I watched an episode or two of some of my favorite shows before hitting the hay.

   I woke up Saturday morning to Austin crying. My Mom and Dad were stirring in the other room and Mom came in to hold Austin while he was waking up. I blew it off as him having a bad dream, waking up scared. Within minutes my nephew was having a seizure. It didn't happen five hours away, in the other room--out of my sight, it happened within ten feet of my unbelieving eyes.

I won't go into detail about that... I don't want to drain you the way that this unknowing has drained us.

       My nephew has type 1 diabetes. We thought
that his sugar was low, but it was fine. We don't know why it happened even today.
It seems like it was an eternity ago. We had a LLOOONNNGG weekend.

     My Dad and I held down the fort at home with my niece until he was transferred to a big children's hospital 2 hours away and took care of. All he wanted was to go home. We went to the hospital and Tonya's fam came as well.
We played in the play room, watched my younger neice, and watched Andy Griffith in the waiting room. Thankfully, now, he is in the bed and home that
he longed for... and will make this Aunt feel old this Wednesday! He starts KINDERGARTEN!

    We rushed out of the house Saturday. Some belongings are still all over the house.
We ate supper at 10 Saturday and got home at 12:30. We are mentally exhausted although we are ''recovering'' quickly. BUT Austin is safe. So many people in that hospital were off much worse than we were.

Austin and I at a family friend's baby shower awhile back.

     They didn't do any tests. We don't know why it happened. Hopefully, soon,
we will. If not, God knows. He knew that our plans were going to be changed.
I wish they wouldn't have been. I wish I wasn't mentally drained and somewhat, ahem,
cranky. This is the way it was and is, though. Nothing has ultimately changed.

Here is a few bottom lines of what came out of this... some lessons new, but most old reaffirmed.

  1. I am closer to Jesus than ever before when crisis hits. No matter how small or big the crisis. Ultimately I come out better on the other end. It makes me tune into dependance on HIM and not my ''weak strength'' My lungs were filled with a new song, an urgency, and it drew me nearer to Him.
  2. Life is fragile. God seems to be slapping that in my face lately. So, I will listen. :)
  3. An appreciation for close friends. Even if some friends didn't get a text, call, or e-mail throughout the whole ordeal that doesn't mean I devalue their friendship. It just means that certain friends knew us well enough that they would have been disappointed if they wouldn't have known right away. Although, I know more friends would have responded just as quickly as others, it is good to know you have people nearby that you can count on. And, in the past, we have lived without that. It isn't something we take for granted.
  4. We can't plan. We plan, God laughs, what can I say? :) He knew. We didn't. Write your plans in pencil... Ultimately, something may have to be erased. We don't know why, but that's okay.

Another lesson that I have been beaten over and over with:
  1. God doesn't call you to be authentic when you're confortable. He has called me to be authentic. Period. It seems, that I like being an imposter much better although. It is easy and I'm not to bad at it. It may seem harmless, but in the end it isn't.
God provides. Abide in Him. Have an awesome week... Lookng forward to coming to write again soon!

In Abba,

Love this handsome little man.

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