Friday, August 10, 2012

when I stray.

When I stray from unceasing prayer and my relationship with Christ I...

Long for His presence. Missing all of its sacredness and His beloved mercy washing my everything.

I get cranky. About everything. And is shows.

I forget. What He did then didn't really matter... Right?! Of course it matters. I drift... Not all the way, but enough to take my eyes of the prize.

I don't think I'm beautiful. I lose sight of His love words and hold fast to laws and judgements. Who am I to separate the two? I am not doing anyone any favors by thinking terribly about myself.

I'm miserable.

I judge all those who are doing the exact same thing as me: living with spiritual drought... Even if for only a few days.

Rain on our hearts, souls, and your weary inheritance, Abba. We thirst for you.

Lord, you can make me new. May I not be a hypocrite. I beg for You. Be. Come. Work. Renew. Help me, thank-you.

I miss You, but, after all, I ultimately know that YOU are missing me. Love you, Lord.


Be driven by delight and not by duty.
It makes a difference- I promise.
Be blessed today treasures!
You have a purpose... You have Jesus.
Get to know Him. Don't stray, please.

We're running to Your arms, Jesus.

In Abba,

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