Saturday, March 26, 2011

BLoG nUMber nINE

Hey Followers!
How is your Saturday?
Mine has been uneventful, but that's o.k.
I slept in, took a shower, made my bed, ate lunch, and looked through some new decorating magazines :)
Tonight I am going to Aunt Becky's to play with the little ones when Mom and Dad have a Bible study...Today im going to share some videos and flair :)

This is Jonny Diaz {I guess they told you that, huh?}
This song used to be my ringtone and I LOVE it :)

                                                       Jason Gray and Emilee Kaye :)


                       I have only had one bottle, but this stuff is awesome! It reminds me
                        of Mississippi and guess where it is ''from''!!! Kenya!


                   Des Moines, Iowa! Only the most awesome town ever :)
                  The best bookstores, Awesome buildings, and a AMAZING science center!
                   I love any skyline, but the building to the right of this image is in my top 3.

                                                  Sarah, Jenna, and I in December :)                                        

                     I will talk to you later :)
                    Love a Peculiar Treasure,
                    Emilee <3 Kaye
                    1 Timothy 4:12


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