Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dream On!!

So, did you do your ''thinking''?
If you didn't then well thats really really sad. Just sayin'.
Do any of you know my dreams? Many of you do and many of you don't.
In February I went to Revolve...I probably wouldn't be able to write this blog without them! :)

Tonight our memory verse is this:
God can do anything! ~Luke 1:37 NCV
Another one is:
I can to all things through Christ who strengthens me. ~Phillipians 4:13

My dream....

To go to Africa 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years. Especially Kenya!
I want to work for World Vision or have my ''own'' orphanage/homeless shelter/school.

To sing...maybe...That has been my dream since forever ago, but I want to do what is below even more. {Faithgirls rock!}

WRITE! I want to write unfiction especially, but I would love to have fiction books also.
I want to be a speaker at Revolve or a event that is similar...I have said that I want to be a ''Beth Moore'' for teenage girls...we will see! {note to you: I will always remember my faithful followers of Peculiar Treasures :) }

My dreams change constantly, but these  above are the ones I talk about the majority of the time.

I dream of heaven. It helps me get through anything. Jenna {Lucado Bishop, but I will call her Jenna from now on} did all of her speaking on heaven and she said this ''Once you see the finish line your worries and aches go away and all you care about is getting there.''
So, if you keep your eyes on where your going when this life is over this life doesn't seem so important anymore. Try it. Dream about meeting Jesus. Meeting Noah...John the Baptist...Sitting by the Holy Spirit...Have you read Heaven Is For Real, yet?! Do it!

I dream of the lost being found. I dream about it...but most of all pray for those people.
I pray for them. EVERYDAY. When that dream come true is about the best thing you could EVER experience. Pray for the lost.

So I have my dreams. I dream of writing, speaking, singing, working on the mission field, but if I didn't love it would amount to nothing. If I didn't do it for Jesus, what would I be doing it for?

Pray about your dreams...God can do anything (!) so why sit around? Why not look the hurting in the eye when you could make a difference?  Why not? You tell me. Wait, I already know, so don't tell me. We want to feel comfortable. We don't want other people thinking we are like those people who you are trying to reach out to. {If you read it slowly it begins to make more sense}  We think that we can stay in our own little world and never leave. We don't take the time. God does indeed comfort you when you are hurting, but He doesn't want you to sit around! He wants you to share what you have with the world.
Step out of your comfort zone.

You may have heard this before, but I want to share it with you.
If you found a cure for cancer, you would tell people right? Exactly.
A doctor would never keep that to himself...
We have something better than a cure to cancer. Jesus.
So why don't we share?
Wherever and whatever time it is where you are, dream about what you could do for Jesus and
pray for the people that need Him.

Another thing, think about what you could do to fulfill that dream for today.
Mine is to write this. To send memory verse text messages. To witness when the chance comes. To check up on my friends. To pray for my sponsored child in Africa. {and many others of course}
 What is yours?

Dream On, friends!!!

As I am typing I can here thunder :)
I love rain :)
Have a great day everyone!!!!
Goodnight Blogspot.
Goodnight Followers.

Sweet dreams,
Emilee <3 Kaye

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