Saturday, May 14, 2011

Interviews, Root Beer Floats, and Cloverton.

Hey ya'll!
So like I am so excited right now :)
O.k. so if you don't have more than like 20 minutes to visit would probably be a good idea to come back later :) Sorry
I have a video blog for you and we are going to chat about our day. Sound cool?

Ridiculously long right? I know. We watched it again and I thought of like more stuff to say and we laughed hysterically!!  Anyway sorry we didn't officially say ''chocolates and coffee'', but we had ANOTHER  techanical difficulty. So, did you enjoy it?
We are going to show some more pictures of our night.
We went to a House Show literally...down the street with these guys:

and here is their single which has been on K~LOVE before :) and they performed it tonight...

Here are the pictures of us with them tonight :) {Im still like grinning ear-to-ear!}

                       This is Audrey, me, and Layne after the show :)
                        They were both really awesome and super kind {notice I didn't say nice FYI go to Sweet Soul Refreshing Friendship Blog}

                        I  love when your mom takes all these random pictures when your meeting them and your like, ''I looked really bored''  or something, but it's cool. {BTW the guy coming through was Kirby the drummer}

     Audrey, me, and Lance the lead singer of cLOVErton :)
    Eeeaaaccckkk :)

  So, my mom was all like you are so junior-highish and afterwards my hands were shaking and Mom pointed it out. It was terrible, but I am in junior high AND I WAS shaking. I wonder why I do, but it just happens.
So, do me a favor and go to sometime. Thanks :)

Chocolates and Coffee,
Audrey and Emilee <3 Kaye

Sweet Dreams!!!

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