Thursday, September 29, 2011

Favorite Things: activities {and much more!}

Hey ya'll :)
Tonight we will continue on w/ our ''Favorite Things'', we will watch some videos together, and we will reflect together!
Welcome to my humble abode!

Here we go.... :)
{No specific order...}

(1)  Reading.
As if you didn't already know that!!!
Reading blogs, books, articles, etc.

(2) Knitting!
Did you know that? I love to knit. I don't do it as often as I should, but it is
awesome. Especially when something is finished and you can say that you knitted it ;)

(3) Hhhmmm... Writing.
For this blog. I don't love writing for school believe it or not. {I actually just did
before I started this!} I also love to dream about my books. I have titles in my head.
Covers, Scriptures. :)

(4) RoadTrips!!
I. love. road. trips. 
{Tomorrow I get to go on one! :) More on that later.

(5) Bible Study.
You learn more about Jesus...
and this word geek gets to learn more bits and pieces of greek words. :)
{and SOOOOOOOOOOO much more!}

(6) Anything that includes Arts & Crafts.
So much fun! {drawing, painting, pottery, etc.}

(7) Hangin' out with my friends.
Sweet soul-refreshing companionship. :) I am living proof to being soul refreshed.

(8) Looking at home decor magazines!
{Exploring homes...}

Just ask my friends. They hear about camp ALL. THE. TIME.

(10) Going to a big city.
{A total of 6 things on this list will be accomplished withing the past 3 days as of tomorrow!}
I L.O.V.E. cities :) I don't know if I would want to live there forever, but I love visiting!

Just to name a few.

A video that I just watched {literally...I just watched} from my girl Mandisa! We love her!

Here are some notes that I have sent your way the past 2 days:

Jesus is so good. Trust me PT's. You might not believe it. {BUT} It is fact.

It is so beautiful outside right now! How are you PT's? Our Jesus is so good.

I heard this on K~LOVE a few minutes ago. I wanted to share it w/ ya.
Worship with me!

Well, September is coming to a close. This is our last blog of  September.
What has God done in September in your life?
What are you anticipating for Him to do these last months in 2011?
Think about that-- I will too.

Tomorrow we are headed to KC. We will be going to the JDRF {Juvenile
Diabetes Research Foundation} walk for my nephew, Austin. Also, we will be celebrating my neice, Jamisyn's 1st birthday! It should be a great weekend! KC here we come!

You are loved.

<3, Emilee Kaye

P.S. Happy National Coffee Day!
I sadly didn't have any though :(


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