Monday, September 26, 2011

Favorite Things: objects.

Hey there Treasures!
I am starting a series of blogs on favorite things. Today it is going to be on objects.
Example: 1. My Cell Phone! It is a Samsung Intensity and I especially love my keyboard.

This is for real now. :) GO!

1. Coffee Cups!
They are cozy and most times decorative to your desk, table, or counter.

2. Books!
Books make any space comfortable and fun. {to me anyway :)}
Plus, I LOVE to read. {As if you didn't already know that!}

3. Notebooks!
Notebooks. Empty Pages.
They are cute and are full of possibilities. Joy :)

4. My Laptop.
Sweet Kendan Lee Andrew. {Yes, indeed. I named my laptop.}
He has stored precious pictures... and upon these keys I typed my first blog.
The newness of this Chirtmas gift still hasn't wore off.

5. Flowers!
Real flowers.  They are gorgeous. They brighten spaces.
They are beautiful.

6. Pottery.
Enough Said, my friend.

7. Candles.
and candle holders! They are gorgeous; they make a space feel like home.
Plus, MOST of them smell amazing. Especially Sea Island Cotton.

8. Rings!
and my Kenyan Necklace. :)

9. Scrapbooks.
They are sweet to look at and hold to many memories to count.

10. {Cuddly} Pillows.
As in hotel pillows. They are so comfortable...So very comfortable.
BTW I get to experience cuddly pillows this weekend! We are goin' to KC!
Woohoo! We are going for the JDRF {Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation} walk
for my nephew and having my neices 1st Birthday party!! 

That concludes my first list.
Ya know after I finish this I will probably think of at least ten more. All well. I can always come
back and edit this :)
Have a great night all!

Hawaii Five-O awaits....
See ya!

Only by my Jesus,

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