Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dream Come True, Gadgets, and Psalms :)

Hello followers! Or followers who don't say they are :P
Right now I am at the track-in the middle of a football field tracking mom running-and blogging {Doing both is difficult ;) } and no- I didn't bring my laptop...I  am actually writing this with my own hand! It is gorgeous out here! :) Last night and this morning/afternoon I {Mom and Dad} took a Crisis Care training-Bible Study-seminar deal :)
Tonight, GUESS WHAT!! I am babysitting!!
O.k. so Mom is there, but only, because we have two to watch. I am going to ''babysit'' Tori- {A 3 Year Old} Im SOOOO excited!!!! {Just in case you couldn't tell}

Note Later: I literally DREAMED about babysitting Tori :) and now that dream became reality : )
Don't ya love it when that happens?

I would like to discuss some of my new ''gadgets''...
The SocialVibe is completely free.
You most likely should have a Facebook account to be able to do some of the activities.
If you don't want to finish them, don't, but I would appriciate you doing that every once in awhile.
And, Blood: Water Mission is to provide clean water for families in Africa...and all over. If you want to learn more about it go to
Also, when you ''follow'' me you do not get e-mails UNLESS you follow me by e-mail at the very end of this page {don't judge me if im wrong, because I cannot tell when I am the admimistrator :( }. When you follow me  all it basically is to let me know you are interested in it...
Thanks :)

Next time we will be discussing Psalm 142...maybe :)
Unless something absolutely amazing happens :)
It is a super short the next time you read check it out :)
Thanks ya'll :)
Emilee <3 Kaye

Happy April!
I wish ya'll sweet dreams and a good morning :)

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