Monday, April 4, 2011

Dream Coming True Part 2 ?!

Hello Everyone!!!
I would like to start with this.
I wasn't planning on going to Africa untill I was like 18.
My passion for Africa really started around my 11th birthday {last years birthday}

Today we went to a meeting at church for mission trips this year.
One option was Uganda, Africa.
Im going guys!!!
Seriously!!! No joke!!
How many days ago did I write a blog about dreaming of going there?
Mom and I {and others from our church} are going to Uganda around Thanksgiving :)
Of this year!
More details will come later since I don't even know many.
We will be serving @ New Hope Uganda at a Childrens Center :)
I am super excited and it seems forever away...
I will be in the same continent with my cousin who is in the National Guard and with our sponsored child and her mother :)

So, when my passion grew say it was February 8th 2010...
419 days later He gives me an option that I wasn't expecting for over 6 more years from now.

Did you know that Uganda is neighbors to Kenya?

I will tell you that I am TERRIFIED of flying...Haven't been on one since I was a baby.
I hate snakes.
I will take cold showers.
I have to take shots and pills.
I will have to pack light which I am TERRIBLE at.
I don't want Malaria. {who does?}
It will be ALOT of traveling...I may love riding, but flying is a different story :)

BUT God wants me there. It is my passion, my dream.
Jesus wants me to help the children and missionaries there.
Jesus will help me to help them to help them.
Hey, and I get a passport!! For me that is like super cool!! I will have a African stamp. :)
I already have a Africa fund...with about 4 dollars in it in change : P

Reality hasn't sat in yet...It is slowly..
I am going to Africa :)
I have wanted to say that for a 419 days and it feels AWESOME!

Talk to you later my Precious Peculiar Treasures.
Goodnight, Sweet Dreams, and Goodmorning :)


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