Saturday, April 16, 2011

Emilee, Disa, Emily, Toby, Brandon, and Francesca!

Hey ya'll :)
So, today I went to a tea-party with my Grandma and Mom...
This is after noon I just hung out around the house and THEN
 we went shopping :)
For some people who read that they wondered why I put a smile face after that!
Well, I put a smiley face, BECAUSE we went to our Christian Bookstore!
We got some awesome music and some other awesome stuff. :)
So, tonight I want to share with you some God-glorifying music for you guys to enjoy!

Here is the song that I am jammin' out to right now :)

Love Disa and Toby!

         ~Brandon Heath!
           You put the light in me :)

    Mandisa again :) Love her!
    What if we were real?

            My girl Francesca Battistelli! {Trust me after you fall in love with her music her name becomes much easier!} ~You Never Are

                     And well....I just heard this song, but obviously I fell in love with it before I heard it!
You will get it once you listen :)

                    ~Emily :)
                     Yea, it spelled wrong, but it is the said the same way!
                      I hope you enjoyed the music and coming in to check up on me!

O.k. so we also went to MENARDS tonight and it smells like a new house :)
You also get to dream, take random pictures, and sit in comfy outdoor furniture and have people laugh at you! It was awesome! {I was not paid for this blog LOL}

Love you guys.
Look up Hebrews 4:12-13, k?

Dream On, Be real, and Good Morning!
Emilee Kaye :)

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