Saturday, September 8, 2012

pumpkin spice lattes.

Somewhere in between getting out of my bed this morning {against my will-- almost every morning}, my time in 1 Corinthians and in worship,  and this blog just beginning to be typed at 12:15AM something happened.

What is this something you ask? Good question. I am glad you asked.

His love is better than life.
God doesn't speak to me audibly, but when He lays something on my heart it is like a lyric to my favorite song.

His mercies are new every mornin'. It's true.
It seems, though, that this new beginning of fall seems like a much bigger one... whether it should feel like it or not.

The guy at Starbuck's payed attention to my name. It made me happy.

After having my first pumpkin spice latte today, I am hooked.
There was more to it than the scent and creamy, delightful taste.
It represents a way to start over. Summer wasn't bad by any means...
I am just ready for a change. To wave goodbye to spiritual dryness.
As I sniffed the scent of fall it wasn't about the materialistic point of view... It was a supplement to
this new beginning that I have been waiting for.
That is exactly what happened around me today. With every sip...
and I believed. Believed that I was His beloved. I am beautiful by His standards...
and His is the only one that matters anyhow. As I glimpsed at the reflection in the car window I saw the woman I am growing up to be. That girl that I wrote of becoming when I was 7. When I wished and wished and wished that I would be 11. Or 12. Or 13. I thought it would make life easier.
Oh, young Emilee. Not easier my friend, but it is richer through every experience. The scars have increased, but so have the blessings.
(mine, of course. :)

Today I got back on track with my heart. Yes, my ''duties'' have been fulfilled every day for several years.  Some days, though, the delight punches you right in the face. Or maybe it was the cool, refreshing breaze. Anyhow :), I have to hold onto this truth when I don't feel like His beloved. I WILL... not on my own, however. He will remind me. Sometimes I will welcome it... other time I will turn my head in shame. I reject Him answering the question of my soul... Am I lovely?

I look across the Flint Hills and realize that He loves me as far as they go....
the length and width... and immeasurably more. The ups and downs. He loves me.
And, if I somehow ever come across a daisy in my hands I would never have to question it. With every petal the truth rings He loves me.


Today was the first day in a long time that I allowed myself to recall the good memories from all
the blah. THE GOOD MEMORIES with Tyler and Erin... not the goodbye. It is okay to smile about it. While I knew that I knew that I knew that today I finally gave myself permission to indeed smile about it.

To smile about when that preschool boy picked flowers for me and put them in my hair.
To smile about my forever friend's and I's dream of having our own band.
To smile about Summer. {Stay tuned for a summer highlight blog. It is right around the corner.}
To smile about shopping... and let me tell ya-- malls are not for me. :)

He brought me out into a spacious place. It is good.

While reviewing that way God makes the world turn... it makes me feel so out of it.
While staring at the milky way... it makes me feel small and amazed.

God is teaching me alot. Reminding me of alot. Unveiling bits of His glory...


As is you couldn't already tell, we went to the Little Apple today.
My Mama, our friend Diane, and Miss Peculiar Treasure herself.
We had fun. We always do. Starbucks, Greek restaurant, mall, Christian bookstore... How could it go wrong?? :) PLUS! IT RAINED!
As far as the question of my soul. God is right.
I am lovely. We are lovely... and for you guys out there: you are handsome.
So Long, Insecurity. You have been a bad friend to me.

Toby's latest album that finally got into my hands today!

We are lovely. Dispite my wierd smiles because of the flash. These pictures took place directly under the breathetaking view of the Milky Way.

Rain will come, Rain will go.
Pumpkin spice latte season will come and go.
Circumstances change.


I've lived enough...

To know...

YOU are my constant.


 And, Lord, may I hear it again? :)

See ya SOON, treasures!

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