Sunday, September 23, 2012

move #5.

Written on September 20, 2012

We found out that we got the house today. It was an awesome day-- so, very ordinarily beautiful. I kept having flashbacks to finding out we were moving-- in Mississippi I stood in the driveway looking at the houses about the subdivision KNOWING what the verdict would be. Being woke up in northern Iowa feeling like our swift move had been planned for months. Today, I hear the ding of Mom's text and I just seemed to know. It is bittersweet thinking about all the memories in this house......………………………………………
People have gathered here, we have made memories, but with every house if used correctly has the symptoms of being LIVED in. This was the first place we had lived for longer than 1
1/2 years since Pulaski. I hope we break a record in this next gorgeous house as well. So, Lord, bless it to Your glory. Bless our memories and help us use them for You and You alone. May we be thankful, may we live abundantly, may we fall. in. love. with. You. May we fellowship and may we sweet our heart out. That we would speak life so HARD and LONG that we would have to come to You for a refueling. Jesus, let it be that in everything we go through, by the end of it... I pray that we would have lost ourselves to You so many times that we don't recognize our own pitiful selves. Yes, Lord.
We love you.

Your beloved,

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