Tuesday, September 18, 2012

emilee's summer highlights.

Summer is gone... and I'm okay with that. I did not read all the books on my summer reading list.
I went swimming about 4 times total. One of my dreams came true of starting a girl's small group Bible study, but I question how much effort I put into it. Did I love them enough? Did I teach and pray with them enough this summer? Did it matter to them? I was sharpened, but were they? Lifting these things before Him.  Several friends moved away. I didn't go to camp and therefore summer felt empty... if even the slightest bit. I don't want to count all the times someone we knew or one of our family members were sick or in the hospital. We have claimed our own personal emergency room... and this summer, we might as well have camped out there. So, as you can see summer wasn't perfect, but life isn't perfect. Jesus fills every hole, exalts us in HIS timing, and steadies our heart. When loneliness and insecurity creep in He banishes them from camping out in my being.

In the craziness... in the tears... there was laughter beyond measure. In the unlimited space below, I will count down several highlights from my summer. If certain things didn't make the highlight it could be that I just forgot them... or they were just darn unexplainable. We are incredibly blessed. Something else to keep in mind: I didn't include anything that has to do with starting the school year-- sincerely summer. I encourage you to meditate on your summer and welcome fall with open arms!

So, in no particular order...
It was great. Really, it was. I could so tell that the evil one was trying to get in the way...
An anxiety and self doubt that was like none other... From now on, I will pray that I will refuse it, but one thing I know for sure: I will KNOW when it approaches. Time at RADIANCE was priceless. I learned more than I can truly capture. From the business side, the lesson preparations--whether it was me or not-- and the spiritual realm as well. It was an educational and a time for spiritual growth. Our prayer time was an out of body experience almost-- in a good way! Teenage girls praying for strength while gleaning advice from one another. Precious.


  • Simple days.
Days when I read 50% of the day... with Greek and lesson preparation in between. Granted, that was the most I read in a month most of the summer, {not counting HIS Word} but nevertheless-- it was great. Days filled with coffee and chick flicks with my Mama. The really quiet ones that go by really fast. When I got to work on art until my heart's content.


  • Olympics
Who can have a blog like this and not include the Olympics? Confession: While most nights I looked forward to it others we just wanted our regular programming back. But, nevertheless, it was fun. {Even if we laughed from time to time at the opening and closing ceremonies} And,
we witnessed history right in our own living rooms. Cool, right?

With dear friends watching the opening ceremony.


See ya when I am 17, Olympics.

  • Adventures with Wayne and Diane.
Hey now, they may not have been in the Amazon, but they were thoroughly entertaining and fun.
We sincerely enjoy their company and look forward to all our days in and our days out for the years to come in our friendship! The junking, coffee drinking, laughing + snorting until we cry, and tackling life together days.

 Wayne, Diane,

My Mama, Dad, and I laughing till our sides hurt and tears fell during our trip to Nebraska.

  • July 15th.
It was a great day my friends. Two reasons:

Moses and Marriage-- Extended Notes.

Call me whatever you want, but, yes, extended notes were a highlight of my summer.
I may not remember the sermon in its entirety, but the discussion and meaning, and MEANING, behind these notes meant the world to me. If you want to read it go to my July archive-- I typed it out so you could read it as well! Somewhere in between the facts and words that I hold dearly... I find where I stand in the middle of it. I relate and I bet, if you REALLY hear the message, you will too.

I met this lil' girl. You remember her? :) Jasmyn.

What else can I say? The. day. was. awesome.


  • Makenna's Dedication.
I may not have any photos... I may not remember every detail...
But, boy, was it GOOD. :) I had the opportunity to lead our congregation into prayer for this delightful little girl. My hands and voice may have been shaking, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Mak's family had been gone for a WHOLE TWO WEEKS and this girl was missing them like crazy. So, on August 5th, 2012 I got to see G, S, and those delightful kiddos after a break that this girly wasn't used to. With her red and white dress looking pretty I got to hold that sweet child until we heard Marty. our worship pastor, beginning the service. I had gone over the details with Grant...
I had an idea of what I was going to lift up... But I remember barely anything. I could tell you one thing that I said for sure and the rest is just what I think I said. I love that. I may not love that I can't remember, but I love the fact that it wasn't me in control of my words. It was Him and only Him.

  • Kid's Praise Team.
These are a few of the great people I got to lead worship with August 28, 2012. I may not be thrilled about the practices, but there is nothing like being a part of it. Praying with those involved with the service while people make their way to our church parking lot... Nothing like that lil' girl that reminded me to smile when I accdently frowned on stage. Nothing like singing for Him and Him alone.... leading His people into His presence.
Last, but not least....
  • Labor Day!
Every labor day it seems we are traveling and this labor day was no different. We were coming home from a great visit with fam, but ended the night with a cook out with several people from the Uganda team and the missionairies we went to go see there. It was the perfect way to end my Summer before hitting the books the next day... Stories, news of family, and fellowship :)
My friend, Kara and I enjoying one another's company for the first time since our joys shared in her current country, Uganda!

Well, friends, time flies when you are having fun. I am finally getting around to typing the last paragraph of this blog almost a month after I started it. But, nevertheless, here it tis. It was a good summer filled with fellowship, my Grandparentals came for a week which was delightful, and as you can see... these wonderful things as well. :)

NOW, shall we get to fall already?! Hallelujah.

His beloved,
Emilee :)

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