Monday, September 17, 2012

pine cones and empty mailboxes.

I stuff the church mailboxes in an attempt to keep my hands busy and to serve in any way possible while enjoying some freetime at one of my favorite places: church-- our church. In it's unfunctional, yet completely functional way... we love it. We have a place in our heart for every church that has been considered home to us at one time or thee other. And, in this season, we are extremely thankful that He has placed us HERE, RIGHT NOW.

With every familiar name while stuffing those mailboxes, I pray with prayer requests assumed and requested by the person themselves.

With every empty mailbox, I pray for the lost. As our evangelist said at Central Hills Baptist Retreat several summers back in the middle of Mississippi, ''Every time you see a pine cone on these 300+ acres these next few days pray for those unsaved people. Every time.''  For that family members curiousity. For that friend's soul. So, with every empty mailbox there is a pine cone out there predestined to have their hearts with Jesus. With every empty mailbox there is someone that doesn't want to become involved in church.  Bring them to you, Jesus.

I stumbled upon the J's box {see leaving, lasts, and His purposes part 1 and 2 from August's archives, plus ''Moses and Marriage: More on the Divine Name'' from July's archives.} and emptied their updates accidently put in. Unfortunately, they won't be needing those announcements anymore. I did NOT take their name out from that little slot, though.
They remain in our hearts. With every name taken out of those little slots, we should have a canvas of
those away, but not gone from our hearts. Yet, with those updates taken out they got put in another's box. For the rest, they were literally recycled.

Rachel's children may have been no more that day that Herod's army came for them, but because of that we may live. For Jesus to live to die those two and under had to die... Jesus had to escape to Egypt... so that you could live.

God has a purpose for everything. Irritates me to no end alot of the time, but I absolutely love Him and His ways. Hallelujah, they're not mine.

I had to look over that space that once had a dear friend's name on it, but got rearranged and taken out earlier ''this'' summer to go off to further their education. Another name now feels the slot. It gave me an opportunity to pray. With every name... every name non existent in that certain church hallway in between the sanctuary and the offices. Appoint Your love and faithfulness to protect them, O God.

I still have several math problems to finish over the weekend. My bed wasn't made today. Remember when I said that sanity would be lost soon? Today was one of those days. School was in a fine lined time slot. The day just. kept. going. My clothes aren't put away. My room needs organized. My MIND needs some rest... but in order to sleep I must write. :) Bottomline: On my terms today was an absolute fail.

But offering Him something worthwhile to someone on His behalf is better than getting something done. {inspired by Ann Voskamp's blog a few days ago.} If I speak life over someone WHO CARES if my bed isn't made? If I show an unbeliever what Jesus looks like do my clothes really need put away? In a certain time, yes. Everything that needs to be done has a certain time. Our something's are out of proportion. What does it matter if I didn't finish everything I wanted to do today if He says nothing is wasted in the hands of Him, our Redeemer?

With every touch down {whatever they are!}, random dance, conversation, quiz...
He shows Himself when I don't feel like it. I don't want to tell people how I am, but
He wants to show people who He is through me. Go figure, He wants that most when I am
at my worst. It is one of those days where I dwell on the empty mailboxes, replaced mailboxes...
Although, if I go about it in prayer that is good. Thankfully, He is leading me in that direction everyday.

There are new beginnnings. There are little girls eating unicorn 5th birthday cakes.
There is hope for those pine cones. There is hope for our sanity. Live intentionally...
you won't regret it. Don't forget to pray for those empty mailboxes... and for those lost pine cones.

Bulk of this post written on September 14th, 2012.

His Beloved,

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