Thursday, July 14, 2011

Task Accomplished.

Mambo {hi} my Bloggies :)
{How are you?}

This afternoon I have been listening to music and accomplishing the task of my closet...and my bed is made. I am always in a better mood when I have made my bed :)
I knew you would be proud of me. O.k. so it really was super easy {with the help of Sanctus Real of course}, but that closet has been bugging me. I will give Mom the credit, though. She told me to :)

ANYWAY, I wanted to share with you some new and old songs I have been listening to this afternoon.

Oh...wait! I have something else to tell you! I am going to camp in...Let me see...12 days! Oh yeah!
The smell of camp {wet clothes}, carpet ball, the rolls, old camp friends, memory verses, and amazing skits. Enough said, my friend.
Can I tell you something that I also love about camp? No cell phones. No laptops. No iPods. Just
electricity and air conditioning.
So, that means I can't blog, but you know I will most likely write you notes from time to time while im there.
Also, it is my ''5th year anniversary'' with this particular camp {The Oaks Christian Camp}.
I have been going there since I was 8! It seems like so long ago.
Camp is amazing {period} and since you are probably getting bored with this conversation...I will move on...For now :)

Finally, music!

AnthemLights is a new Christian band I  ''discovered'' like...yesterday...I will share this Behind The Song and then play it for you. {Not literally, but they will :) }

Sanctus Real! So, today I realized I have been talking about Sanctus Real's Lead Me for a long time, but I have never shared it with you. Anyway, if you had forgotten to look it up on your own, here it is:

~Sanctus Real -Lead Me

~Hillsong United -Search My Heart

Another Sanctus Real song...In case you didn't get the memo :) - its called Forgiven.

I would like to point out my new gadget to your left and up a little. The Blogs I ''Follow''
Check them out!
To highlight a few:
Jenny B. Jones- a hilarious Christian fiction writer for teen girls.
Cloverton- the group I met back in March...they are from the Little Apple. I wrote a blog about it. Remember?
The Revolve Tour- Only one of the greatest ways to spend your weekend! It is an event for teen girls with speaking, concerts, and drama {like the acting kind ;) } They share devos and pics every once in awhile.
Living Proof Ministries: Beth Moore's blog :) Enough Said.
and...Pfizenmaier Tales, The Petersons at New Hope Uganda, Britt Nicole, and Mandisa's Blog.

I can't blog tonight, because I have it written on the calendar in my mind to practice for BibleQuiz.
Ok. I could stay and visit longer, but I need to go get ready and I have taken to much of your time :)
Oh, {one more thing! hehe. }and I forgot to tell you, Mom made us some sweet tea if you want to come over and have some!!

Emilee <3

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