Monday, July 4, 2011

The Fourth.

Hey my PT's!
How did your fourth go?
As I type to you I am still hearing fireworks here in town.
I figure I probably won't be able to go to bed if I did now anyway...
So im blogging, but sadly im not blogging about Psalm 119.
Has anyone read the whole chapter? Guess what! Me neither.
I have read what we will blog about soon, but I don't have any idea what is next!
This morning we went to spend time with friends from church to hang out and cook Luper.
{Late Lunch, Early Supper}

Since it is Independence Day I thought I would share one of the most gorgeous signatures I have EVER seen...

John Hancock.
Is anyone else in love with their handwriting, but me?
Love it!

Hey, well, the Walton's are calling my name. So, celebrate this last hour of July 4th with me...By sleeping...watching fireworks...or whatever it might be.
After that I will read up on our Psalm 119, ok? :)

Thanks for coming to Peculiar Treasure Ave.
Come back soon!
Love, Your Blogger,

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