Monday, June 6, 2011

Cuddly Pillows and The Rhubarb Fest

Ya know how most people find a verse that jumps off the page or literally {O.k. not literally, but in your head}
paints a picture? Well, I have many,but one is this.
Isaiah 45:8 You heavens above, rain down righteousness; let clouds shower it down. Let the earth open wide,
let salvation spring up, let righteousness grow with it; I, the Lord, have created it.
Beautiful, huh? Even though I have only prayed it like once, I should more, shouldn't I?
Rain down righteousness. Let Salvation spring up. Let righteouness grow with it.

Being Righteous is Riiiigghhhtteeooousss! :)

O.k. so I have been on vacation. It has been W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L.
Ya know, last time I went on a trip I slept on the most uncomfortable bed EVER? Well, this time I have slept
in the MOST comfortable bed EVER!!! { ''The more I feel that you are hear, the more the world disappears...''  I am singing :) Just thought I'd share.}  Tonight is my last night in it before I give it up {unwillingly I will
have you know} It is truly depressing that I have to leave it. But it isn't the only thing about this trip that
is radical...I just want to share about my nights of not tossing and turning. Oh, and since we went on the train
{which was awesome, too.} we slept in a hotel the night before and I slept with those really cuddly pillows.
It was AWESOME! This week, I have been coloring { : P }, Watching movies, shopping, and hangin' out at the
We are hanging out at the Rhubarb Fest tomorrow and Saturday :)
I am enjoying every second of Summer and my vacations. Sigh.
Im gonna go, ok? ''A voice a cry called out from on High....'' {Still listenin'} It is Brandon Heath BTW.
Im gonna go for real now. Well, unless I think of something else.
A PECULIAR treasure,
Emilee <3
11:41 pm
Thu., Jun 2, 2011

So, I am home now. We got home from our church VBS and I am going to clean my room this afternoon { fun,fun }. O.k. so like I was talking about the Rhubarb Fest. I realized that you don't know what that is {Hehe}....Aledo, Illinois is ''The Rhubarb Capitol Of The World'' and that is where my Mom grew up and where my Grandparents and other family live. The Festival started with some ladies wanted something for the community to do together...It started in someone's back yard and it has now moved to the Central Park {In Illinois...Just to clarify}  and the courthouse yard. For a link on the Aledo website click here:

I believe I will blog later on, but I have to go for now.
EmILeE <3

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