Monday, June 27, 2011

A Better Kinda Weekend.

Hello precious readers.
My weekend is coming to an end.
As you know, I went to Living Proof LIVE! Friday and Saturday.
I am actually listening to my songs that I recorded of Travis {Cottrell} singing.
He has an amazing voice and he let the audience sing alot, too. It was beautiful.
He had to go to the doctor, because he was sick! You couldn't tell till Beth told us.
Beth Moore. I love that woman.
Her topic was better {Like the word. Not that is was better than usual...Just to clarify}.That word will never be the same. Ever.
I have went to my notes A BILLION times since then of course, but when I was getting ready to right this blog I counted the times it said better. {I highlighted every better on the pages.} 41 times we wrote it. 6 million times we said it over the course of two days. Maybe not, but you get the picture.
The first night of LPL {Living Proof Live} we sat in the back left corner.
On Saturday we sat {sorta up high} in the front left corner. It was awesome.
Friday night Beth Moore went in the crowd to hug every one that had sent her a letter
that said they were coming, right? So then, on Saturday since we were closer we could see her in the front row singing. In the middle of worship she was looking up at us for awhile. Then she whispered to her body guard and pointed up towards us. We figured she would come, but personally...I couldn't believe it.
Indeed, she came right up to us. I have like eight pictures of her coming up, standing blow us, and then beside us. On a picture blog cometime you will get those.
{Honestly, I don't know wherre my memory card is momentarily :) }
She came and sat in our row!!!! The woman {she wasn't in our group} sitting closest to me on my right talked about what God had shown her in Friday nights message.

So let me put in perspective for you {I have been waiting to type this since it happened} She was so close to us that we could hear her speak and then hear her words echo through the speakers.

I was thinking about you guys all weekend. I even wrote several notes to you on my phone.

{Friday Morning}
Hey PT'S!
I am done packing and it is only 11:30... We don't leave until 1ish and I have nothin' much to do... Except write to you of course....I will leave a note l8r. MAYBE. hopefully. Lincoln here we come!!

{A conversation with Audrey on the way up to Lincoln...Remember her?}
Emilee: Chill... Audrey: I am chilled. Im chilly. Actually not really. I feel fine.

Was it as hilarious to you as it was to me? ANYWAY.

{Saturday at 7 P.M. ish.}
She is backstage!! Excited though noone in our group thinks so :) See ya l8r PT's!!

{We had eleven women in our group BTW}

{On Friday night in the hotel room}
I am totally resting on a cuddly pillow right now!!

So, Beth Moore shared this video...So I wanted to share it with ya.

Cute, huh? Does anyone else feel bad for the dog but me?
In the middle of this video...Imagine 4,000 women saying ''AWWWWWWW!!''

This is Travis Cottrell and my now current ringtone.

Over the course {Did I spell that right} of this weekend we have accumulated several new phrases.
Serious and Silly. Some from Beth Moore....Some from us Junior High girls :) and others from Beth's grandson.

''You got better coming.''
''I like you. Your up high. ''
''My awesomness is being vibrated into their presence''
''I believe romance is a little drop of eternity.''
''I DON'T feel better!!''
''My awesomness is hitting a brick wall.''
When PRIDE thinks of others are better, better is bitter. When HUMILTY {Love that word BTW}
thinks of others as better, better is better.

I asked mom tonight why it went so fast....

Today was a good day. The sad part is I took a nap at seven, so im pretty awake right now :)

Thank-you Jesus for this weekend with women, You, the few brave men, our church family, and our Uganda mission team..
Thank-You in every language El-Shaddai.

Goodnight PT's!!
You got better comin'.

Your girly,
EmILeE  <3  KayE

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  1. I don't know if anyone noticed, but here is the deal. At the beginning of this blog my words were, ''when I was getting ready to right this blog...'' and I really wanted to say ''When I was getting ready to WRITE this blog...''
    I know it isn't a big deal, but I wanted to clarify. Thank-you for dealing with my randomness :) Love, Your Blogger.