Monday, October 7, 2013

happy october.


I can't say that I have a favorite month. I have my favorite parts of every single one, but October seems to enchant me. This post is to celebrate autumn & all of it's simple joys.

"My ghostly pumpkins, the pale vanguard of fall, are stationed at the front door beneath the abandoned web of a fat spider the size of a quarter that fell dead some days ago. The truth is, while I love all of fall’s post card nonsense, the sweaters and burning leaves, I really love it for the telltale cool winds, the dark encroaching, the days like sucking your breath in through your teeth. It’s ...
the brilliant last gasp of all that was hardly promised in spring, that swelled in summer. I love to watch it all burn up in a fit, all smoldering colors and trembling before it falls silent. Autumn is my memento mori, and I never feel more alive than when the leaves are dying all around me. The twilight is brilliant; in death’s theatrics, there is a promise: this is not it, you’ll be ok." ~Beth Kirby (

Coffee. Hot tea. Coziness.
This is a handmade card my camp roomie recently sent to me. I thank the Lord for sending her my way in His perfect timing. We've known each other since third grade. :)  
Leaves are turning. Anticipation.
For the million little ways He shows us He loves us.
Everything is so different. Yet, everything is so familiar. It's Him going before us in every season.
The world is spinning hurriedly by & the Lord reminds us that He has gone before us. It truly will be okay. Friends start driving, you start going to dances, little girls look up to you, friends come & go.... Life seems to start over in every exciting & terrifying way. Thus far, October has been like that for me.
Here's to terrifying new seasons, chasing dreams, turning leaves, hot drinks, & big books.
Happy October!
His Peculiar Treasure,

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