Sunday, September 29, 2013

our home sweet home of one year.

A year ago today.

Last year on September 29, 2012 we moved into this house.

It seems like yesterday.

It's hard to believe just last year my Grandpa was helping us move & this year he's not even here.

It's been a roller coaster of a year... a lovely one, but a challenging one.

We had a lot of awesome help from some of our favorite people!

We hosted a little at our old house up the road, but it's fun to see how much more this larger house has allowed us to welcome even more people into our home more often. Great to have more  fellowship and ministry opportunities right here in our own home!

Contrary to last fall, I'm hoping we can spend more time enjoying our house this season... as you know, we were barely AT our house last fall due to taking care of my Grandpa. So, here's to more front porch swinging, movie nights, & Jacuzzi baths! ;)

Uganda & this street are my top two places that I hope to live at some point 'when I grow up'. :)  My love for this place is sincere, y'all.

We've enjoyed this year very much & I'm looking forward to the few years I have left here. :)

In other exciting news, it's NATIONAL COFFEE DAY! {a.k.a. National Happy Emilee Day}
Grab a friend, drink a few more cups o' coffee than you usually would, be happy you're not unpacking your new house this time, & CELEBRATE!

See y'all soon.

In Abba,


To read a little bit about us hearing the news that we were moving here, click here & read my post, "move #5."

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