Thursday, October 17, 2013

memories of His faithfulness.

The other day I took a trip down memory lane and was reading through one of my old journals. I found my journal entry from October 17, 2012 and was reminded of His faithfulness; of the last year's struggles.

Two weeks ago today - right now - I sat in this place, beneath the cross rich with the Holy Spirit. In those two weeks we have more knowledge than before. Unlike two weeks ago we know how to string words together to be put on the prayer list. Grandpa Kerwin has cancer. Over all, we are praying that he would accept Christ wholly. ... I came to the realization that I needed this. I needed a day of unspoken for joy. Although circumstances have changed and drama has flared up I still can feel God's invisible love - like the wind turning my nose red & making the pages twist & turn. Wind is invisible, but Peter saw it. As I see His love for us, the yellow leaves about my head, the cross before me, countless words of encouragement later - God is good. I am still in love. I will not be shaken by drought or storm. God, know my thoughts & hear my prayers... and seal these thoughts. Know the deeper intent of my being's prayers & groans. May I live like You did, Jesus. Thank-you for the people you have brought into my path. ... I must go, but I know that You go with me. I cannot stand without You. Thank-You for this crazy mercy, joy, and hope. ...
 Y'all know how it ended. However, redemption still won. Grandpa DID accept Jesus! For this, we praise Him still.We miss Grandpa more than you know every single day, but we know that He knew what He was doing. Working it all out for His glory, whether we believe it or not. Praying for y'all. Be blessed!

Two signs of God's faithfulness: the unchanging truth of the gospel & the changing color of the leaves.

Yours truly,

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