Friday, October 25, 2013

simple dreams.

A picture is worth a thousand words. I know you've heard that one before.
This is a post full of dreams.
My dreams.
When you're having a rough day, there are two places you can look with a passionate or fond eye: your Lord and your dreams.
Of course, the Lord is the only One that matters. Our dreams may crumble, but He will always be there. That doesn't mean that dreaming is not good. In fact, it's good for the soul. It's something I take part in a great deal.
These are just a few images to reflect what I see. Of course, there are a few dreams that I simply couldn't find portrayed in a picture. Below is what I could find. Pictures that make me smile; make me think; make me anticipate.
Flowers delivered. Flowers received.

Textbooks conquered. High school years soon behind.
My girls always by my side...
Ladies & gentlemen, Kansas State.


Coffee for two.

More giddy.

Just darn cute.

Ordinary moments with your extraordinary spouse.

Adoption announcements.

Giggling with your little ones.
Brand new baby.
Just a girl wondering where her robber is. ;) From the movie Tangled, y'all.

Whether a groom has any space in my future or not, I am absolutely certain the Lord is going to fulfill this picture in many ways.


Journals on counters, Bibles on kitchen tables, sticky-notes of Scripture above kitchen sinks...

It goes something like that.
No happily ever after.

That will come when He comes.

However, these pictures reveal a lot of what every little girl heart dreams about.

I don't want to skip these years, but I would be lying if I said I didn't envy those already past them at times.

It 's a beautiful process of being joyful in the Lord right where I am. Friday nights alone, staying up late reading my book, pinning wedding ideas on Pinterest, coffee dates with my best friend, youth group, homework, family, afternoons with my horse, cuddly nights with my dog, babysitting, jam sessions, homesick for Uganda, writing my heart out every night, spending days with precious mentors, studying Greek, movie nights with the girls... after all, this is a pretty awesome time of life. That was even a short list. I'm so thankful.

That doesn't stop me from looking forward to the time of life in which these years were meant for.

What are your simple dreams? You've now seen a few of mine. Yours may be ordinary, but I can bet that in your heart, they are painted extraordinarily. It's probably not to be an author, world traveler, Momma, and wife. Maybe it's opening a coffee shop or writing songs. Maybe it's something completely terrifying or completely unique. I pray that if they aren't extraordinary to you that the Lord would paint your dreams in that very fashion. They might take hard work. Stay close to Him. He has the biggest dreams for our lives and it is our honor to serve Him through them.

With that, my loves, chase your simply wonderful dreams. Maybe, in the process,  you'll find the ones you didn't know were inside of you yet.

I'm still a dreamer,

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