Thursday, December 6, 2012

Welcome, December.

Y'all, the time is approaching. He started brewing a long blog in me today after an afternoon of swinging in the crisp cold air on my front porch--doing math of all things. This writer chick has not had that inspiration in an eternity it seems... even a hint of a beginning ignites anticipation. :)

I'm excited. I'm welcoming December despite it's challenges:

Welcome, December.

Today's list of littles:

  • Pictures that may be blurry, but very meaningful to me.
  • Carving out an unusually long amount of time to spend with the Lord rather than 'just' my daily readings.
  • Oh my goodness gracious, what would I do without my journal? I may not write in it much, but this month, due to not blogging it has became one of top go-tos on a bad day. Alot of those lately. Also, I have been going back to old journal entries from 2010 and 2011 around this time of year. It has been joyous.
  • My dog. Y'all, he is amazing.
  • Random blogs like this.
  • FICTION! I haven't touched one fiction book since almost earlier this year and I was thoroughly in need of one... if only for a few chapters.
  • Knitting. Enough said. I love it. God uses it for me + for the receiver.
  • Talks + prayers with lil' children about Jesus.
That tis all for now, y'all.
Pray for me as the Lord is working on a Christmas introduction. I'm excited.

In Abba,
yours truly.

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