Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TSFRL: Take Two.

Today I realized something very important out of my entry last night.
About when I said ''Will this happen? Probably not.''

GOD DOES. He knows. He knows exactly what my life is going to look like. He knows what I'm going to wear tomorrow for crying out loud! {and I don't.}

I can ask all I want. I can cast my desires on Him all I want. In fact, He delights in it... that I would bring something so big to me to Him. So, let's not be afraid in the ask.
Let us come before God, humbly seeking His face, with open minds to what HE would say.

We can't lay our lives out for ourselves. It isn't ours to have; It's His. This is something that our culture sometimes highlights, but it is simply not true. Yes, it is ours in the sense of living, but not in the way of planning everything we  will live. Make sense? I can ''make plans,'' and even if I had things definite, how fun would that be??  You see my past I know; the present I am living; and I don't want to live my future in my present.

Our plans can not compare to His will. He knows the best for us even if we kick and scream to get to that place... Then, we get there and we realize we love His will. It's kinda fun to tell you the truth! Even though it IS NOT easy. {analogy from Katie Davis' book Kisses from Katie.}

My future will remain a mystery... and if I dare say, I am looking forward to attending it.
Join me.

In Him,

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