Monday, May 14, 2012

Mission VS. Country

You see, people think that because I love Africa I have a love for missions. I suppose this can be true. The thing is is that they are not my projects. They aren't my missions to get accomplished. They are my friends. They are people I will come ALONGSIDE IN the mission. I don't just have a love for missions… I love the country. The people. I just can't go and be accomplished- I love Uganda like any pastor would feel called to a congregation- not just the preaching itself. Just loving anyone and everyone. I will help them. I will love them and do whatever Christ calls me to. They are real people; not just statistics. They have no food for real; you are NOT starving. They are real… and we'd better act like it. They exist. I have met them. They NEED Jesus. Just like we all do.

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