Monday, May 7, 2012

The Swiss Family Robinson Life.

I have always been significantly attracted to Swiss Family Robinson.
The thought of living in a treehouse... living off the land... depending on God for EVERY need...
has always drawn me in, but at the time I just thought I liked the tv series.

The fact that I thought Ernest in this series was extremely handsome might have also had something to do with it :)

Also, a series I started reading in Mississippi {from the Collierville Public Library.} had a guy with a passion for that ''Swiss Family Robinson life.''

While we were living in Mississppi we found this series at our library at the time, Collierville Public Library, {BEST LIBRARY E.V.E.R.} and rented them one set at a time. So, I would make a ritual of watching it on evenings that we didn't have other things to tend to. I sat in our big victorian home and didn't even know that this good feeling while watching this would lead to something more.  {Mind you, this is a tool He used. I don't know when the idea first came about, only He does.}
You see, nothing is coincidence. I wasn't attracted to this for some reason...  and if that reason was
just for one trip to Africa... that makes me anxious and uneasy, but so be it. If it was because I was going to end up living a Swiss Family Robinson life, so be it. I can't see the big picture of that ''something more.''

That's the thing-- I don't know. What do I want: To keep going to Uganda until I turn 18. Write books in the meantime. Meet Katie Davis. Meet Beth Moore and her daughter, Melissa. Meet... {it could go on and on!!} Then, live in Uganda for a year or less at New Hope. Go to college at my dream college. Fall madly in love with a Christ-like man that will take me to Uganda or maybe even move me there permanently; That will adopt kids from Africa with me. Whether in the States of in Africa: live a missionary life. Live in a cozy home with goats, horses, and golf carts. Speaking at Revolve along the way. 

Will this happen? Probably not. You see, when I lived in Mississppi all I could think about was Iowa, Iowa, Iowa. Then, we moved to another part of Iowa and I was miserable. Then, against my dream we moved to Kansas. I can't IMAGINE not having this. This beautiful Kansas filled with awesome people; Awesome people I didn't think I would become friends with, but did anyway. Also, when I first moved to Kansas all I could think about was Kenya, Kenya, Kenya. Then, He took me to Uganda. :)

So, for those of you that wonder what I will do: I don't know. I can't make plans... I just have to be where He has called me. Whether I like it at first or not. His plans for me will be accomplished-- it just might take closer to 70 years to fulfill like in Jeremiah. I will live this life. This crazy, insane, overwhelming, his Presence-filled, revelation-filled, joyous, awesome life. Emilee's... not someone else's.

I suppose, I will just keep leaving Eden, but running home just the same. Writing what I write all along the way. {See what I did there?? :)}

Goodnight ladies and gents.
In Abba,
Emilee Kaye

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