Sunday, November 6, 2011

Uganda Blog :)

Hey friends! And yes, when you get to the end of this blog it will tell you I posted in 9 something AM, because I am blogging on Sunday morning instead of 12:00 am :)
How are you? This morning the Jr. High is putting on a fundraiser @ our church...So, I will be headed there shortly. I can't believe I have time to do anything! I am usually waking up at this time, though.

By the way, ya'll, Im headed to Uganda in less than 2 weeks. :)
If you haven't been a ''follower'' for long I would recommend searching the blog ''Dream On''
to read my dream of Africa before I knew about this amazing oppprtunity.
This is something I know you guys will appreciate: I am going to blog in Uganda!
Our team will be starting one and I am the official ''coordinator'' of it.
If you would like to go ahead and save us to your favorites and/or read the updates we have now-
click here @OurJourneyAllTheWayToUganda!
This will be a place where our families, supporters, YOU, and all friends can
leave us messages as well as prayers. So, be sure to check that out! :)

{{Shout Out to Carla! Thanks for reminding me to put a link on here! :) }}

Can you even begin to grasp the messages and stories that will be shared afterwards/during?
We are ecstatic. God will change us in such a way--
Please continue to pray for us! Thank-you. SOOOOOOO much!! :D
After this week will be our ''Commissioning Sunday'' We have been talking about it for months and it will be such a sweet time. We have beloved family and friends coming- We are so joyful over this occasion.

I better go. :)
See ya soon!
In Him,

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