Monday, November 14, 2011

I love my family.

Hey ya'll. Don't you love how God makes your heart so heavy- but in a good way?
I just read a blog that is just what I want to express about my brothers and sisters in Christ.
I love how when you meet a Christian- a sincere, madly-in-love-with-Jesus, authentic- Christian you have an instant bond. You have a million things to talk about. Something that no one can receive until they come to know the Lord. Seriously- read this blog when you have the chance {I recommend it immediately :) } Here is the link, friends: Friendship and Beauty of Surrender.

The Lord has blessed me with so many lovely God-lovers. I love on Sunday mornings- and particulary this morning- they are all {a large number of them} in the same building. Coming to worship the Lord together!
Am I making any sense at all?! I pray that I am. :)
I could talk about this for so long.
In a Beth Moore Stepping Up study we finished awhile ago {I highly recommend it BTW} she talked about deep relationships and how we are hungry for them. We wish to get close to our brothers and sisters, but we are afraid. Afraid of what those brothers and sisters would think and then what others around you would think. We don't want people to think that it is awkward or wrong. Friends, {and Im talking to myself here, too.} getting to know your brother or sister is not a thing to be ashamed of. Also, we are too busy. We don't have the time for friends to come over. We don't just on a whim go to see someone, because we don't want to disturb them. The Lord wants us to surround ourselves with people who love Him more than they love us. Then they can truly love us sincerely! :) He wants others around us to challenge us and love us. Also, He set the example of fellowship in this way as well as hanging out with sinners. He wasn't afraid of getting ''dirty''
He is the holy son of God and while angels could have been worshiping Him...He trusted His Father and came to earth to minister, disciple, heal, AND hang out with sinners.
Remember when Jesus talked about His true family? He said that all that share in God's will w/ Him were his mother, brother, and sister.
This weekend {and week...and years :D} we just had some amazing fellowship w/ friends.
It is crazy how much we take for granted.
I am going to let you go, but this subject won't be put away. It will be discussed over and over- and over. Thanks, guys!
Emilee Kaye.

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