Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What A Weekend.

Hello followers. For some odd reason I have missed you :D haha!
Life is crazy, but in a good way. Let me just clarify: Good can be tiring :)
Tomorrow is my Momma's Birthday! A special shout out to her. <3 ya!
Fun Fact: I started this blog on my Dad's birthday... In the room I am sitting in right now ;)
Also, tomorrow is a month from our trip. God is so good, gracious, and patient. Prayers are so appreciated. Every. single. one.

Well, I was going to blog Sunday night. Obviously that didn't happen :)
So, here I am!
Last weekend:
BibleQuiz Meet, UgandaGals get together, Church, UgandaTeemMeeting, Hanging out w/ some awesome friends. Literally though- thats how it happened. The biggest gap in between was an hour and a half :)

BibleQuiz Meet: Way. To. Much. Fun. Us girls are a example of how Christianity doesn't have to be boring. We are living proof. {{Not that you aren't. You totally are. :) }} At 7:00 a.m. we were at our leaders home. Then, we all gathered in the van to head to Emporia, KS 2 and a half hours away.
Our first official BibleQuiz meet started at maybe 10:30. I was so nervous. When we got there...On the way I was trying to not think about it :) Of course after the fact you wonder what you were so anxious about. It was way less formal than I thought it would be. Prayers even it that simple little circumstance helped me along with all of our members. {We have 4 girls including myself.} We got to meet some fun people. I will have to post pictures someday :) Lets just give you an example of our silly conversations: Two girls ordered in ''accents.'' Chloe was just hilarious and Mariah ordered her Wendy's meal in a British accent. The lady asked her if she was from England. For real---No joke. I have her ordering on video!

UgandaGals Get Together: Mom and I's first pedicure and then out to supper. We had fun and wonderful conversation. It wasn't the whole group of ''gals'' though... We missed the other three greatly :)
We went to the Manhattan mall to get our nails done. I got a french pedicure. Just sayin'.
Then, we went to Chili's and ate! It was great to get together aside from all the logistics.

Church: Wonderful. I mean, it is always {usually :)}, but it was wonderful.
Have ya ever just sat back and loved your congregation? Fellowship is so sweet. I am grateful...
Especially because of a time of Church Family ''Loneliness'' that we have experienced.

UgandaTeam Meeting:
The meeting was from 11:30 ish to 4:00. Not even kidding :) It was so special for me to go on a Prayer Walk w/ these people. It is our main mission in Africa and I just love dreaming about our future walks together. We then broke of in small groups and that was so special... Notice the word special alot :D
The meeting part was alright... :) I enjoy it.

Anyway! I will let ya go! Thanks so much more listen' to me gab!
Now its your turn to tell me about your weekend!!

I love God. I love You. He loves us. I love that :)

Emilee Kaye~

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