Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Worth, You, Hope, Waiting, Light, and Leading :)

Hello Peculiar Treasures.
How is the start of school goin'?
I haven't yet, but it is coming way to quickly!
So, this afternoon while I'm listenin' to music I'm going to ''share'' some with you.
By: Jamie Grace, Aaron Shust, MikesChair, John Waller, and Brandon Heath. {!}

Mikeschair...Someone Worth Dying For.

Anthem Lights~Can't Get Over You-Acoustic Version.
{{I Can't Get Over The Way/Your Love Stays The Same/ O Lord}}
If you want to learn more about Anthem Lights and their music click HERE!

Click above to learn Aaron's story of his latest record.
  This is a song from one of my favorite movies of all time. :) Fireproof.

 John Waller ~ While Im Waiting.

Brandon Heath! Light In Me Official Music Video

This next video I just watched for the first time yesterday..
I love her and I saw her at Revolve in February. Her first ''Official'' album comes out September 20th.

Jamie~Grace Harper!! You Lead.
You Lead...I'll Follow...

Thanks for listenin' with me :)
I hope you enjoyed it! I did!
See ya later guys.

Emilee <3

Deut. 4:7
Rev. 4:11

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