Tuesday, August 30, 2011

images that i have taken or picniked :)

Hello my brothers and sisters!!
How are ya?
My evening is being filled with blogs. Reading blogs, writing blogs, preparing for blogs. :)
Im going to share some photos tonight...Thanks for keeping me company!

This is Cloverton in Washington, KS last Sunday evening.
I had the privilege of talking with all the members of Cloverton after the show.
It was an AWESOME night...
{and in this picture I imagine they are singing Green Light ; ) }

First place in an Open Class category at the Clay County Fair :)

Isn't this just a wonderful picture :)

 Nest at Sonshine Gardens :)  {Taken}

 Us :) {Picniked}

God and I time at camp...My P.O.V.
Love, Love, Love this picture.
Precious. Precious. Precious. {Picniked}

LOVE this card!! {Taken}

Im gonna let ya go.
I wish my memory card would have let me access some other pictures!!
: )

Can you believe August is 1 day away from being over?

Chocolates and Coffee!
Emilee <3

P.S. Picnik is an app on Facebook where you edit pictures. Yes, indeed, I made the word
Picniked up. :)

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