Friday, August 5, 2011

Jason Gray and Today.

  Hello. :)
How are you?

How was your day?
Mine was fun and laid back. I read some, worked on Peculiar Treasures, and cleaned my room. Again. :)
 I just started a Devo book, a historical Christian fiction, and I have been working on Bible Quiz ''homework'' every night. What have you been reading?

Well, tonight I am sharing some Jason Gray videos.
His new album is coming out soon.
Just today I saw his newest music video and I have been singin' it all day long :)
I hope you enjoy it.
First though, I am going to share some of his videos from his last c.d. ''Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue.''

AMAZING song if you think about the lyrics and the meaning. I love it :)
~I Am New

Another thought provoking song!
I really LOVE this song. {but...I could say that for every song I've posted on this blog :) }
~Fade With Our Voices

I was going to share More Like Falling In Love, but you have heard it before :)
So, I encourage you {if you have a Facebook} to look up Jason Gray...To ''like'' him...and to listen to some
songs on his bandpage. Or, you could look some more songs of his up on Youtube.
He loves God and it is visible through his message and music. :)

Here is the video that was just released.

~Remind Me Who I Am

and... Behind The Scenes

Also, if you want to read his blogs, listen to music, and read his biography click here!

For those of you who are new {Get it...I Am New :) :) the song... hehe. }
here is a picture of Jason Gray and I last October when I had the opportunity to meet him.

Jason Gray and Emilee Kaye.

I know I have shared it before, but it goes with the whole ''Jason'' theme for the evening.
I hope you enjoyed the music :)

Look up Hebrew 4:12.
Great verse.

Talk to ya later bloggies!
Humble yourselves before the Lord and He will lift you up...

Love, Your Blogger,
Emilee <3 Kaye

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