Sunday, July 22, 2012

jasmyn's images are here. :)

Finally! The pictures of Jasmyn! WARNING: You may say ''Awwww'' really loud. Don't read this in a library, etc. ;)

The canvas I made for her room... 6ish hours total. Finished the afternoon before she was born.

How darling are these??

''Don't take a picture of me!''

John showing the boys their little sister for the first time. There is that ear-to-ear grin I was talking about! :)

Our first view of her black hair! :)

Isn't she beautiful? Don't answer that. It is rhetorical. :)

The following pictures are from last Sunday, the 15th, when we first held her and visited her in her home. :)

Finding her thumb...

Me with Miss Tiny in my arms! :) I love her.

Another close-up.... holdin' my finger.

A portion of my visual journal entry July 15th! {inspiration: the dress} :)

Thankful for this little lady.
Jasmyn is so precious.
Let's end it on that note... :)

In Abba,

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