Friday, July 6, 2012

Jasmyn Lucille Colleen is here!

''You bring hope//You bring life//awaken hearts//open eyes'' ~Kari Jobe --Savior's Here

The world is now blessed with a new precious little lady as of 8:01 this evening... :) I am so thankful for her.
John and Jennifer are good friends of ours and they have 3 boys 12 and under. Our friendship was completely God ordained and we have loved getting to know them more over the past year and a half!

John, Jennifer, and I at a WinterJam concert earlier this year. :)

Tonight my Mom and I arrived minutes before Jennifer went in for delivery...
Then, we took the boys out in the waiting room and ran {literally} off some energy in the hallways!
We had fun... The anticipation killed us knowing that that nursery would very soon hold their latest addition!

This little Mr. and I waiting for his baby sister's arrival!

I am beyond words. {but yet, I try anyway! :)} I am so thankful for this night.

I am so very thankful for Jasmyn herself, but what stuck out this night...
The shine and joyful smile on John's face as he held his first baby girl. It was beyond precious to see.

In an upcoming blog I will post pictures of this very thing... but we will wait until the proud
parents get the first copies! {Even though I am dying to share them! :)}

Let's pray over this sweet little girl... with her Daddy's eyes... and her darling black curly hair.

Abba Father,
We praise you for the life you give. For the new birth you provide through salvation.
We fervently ask of You that even though Jasmyn was physically born tonight we pray that we would see her be born again in You... and in You alone. May her family surround her and love her... protect her {with 3 big brothers and one daddy I know she will be protected!}... and lead her into Your arms. We praise You that she has awesome parents. We pray that You would lead them in raising her up.  God, you knew everything about us and everything about Jasmyn before our parents knew that we were on our way... You did. Jasmyn was your secret. You knitted her together before you knit her together physically in Jennifer's womb... and You blow our minds, LORD. :) May Your will be done in Jasmyn's life... and we pray that she would be able to move mountains with her faith and make the world stop... and be amazed at her love for You. That they would not just see her, but You through her.

Ah, tonight. Thank you, Jesus.

In You,

P.S. I am not duplicating ''Welcome to the world Makenna Joy.''
I love both of these girls so very much. I am not trying to top that blog or compare it--most of all not comparing Makenna and Jasmyn!
The thing is: Both of these girls' entries into the world just couldn't go unwritten. :)

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