Monday, July 2, 2012

camp musings {1}

I long for quietness. The quietness and soul searching that I find at The Oaks Christian Camp... when the birds are chirping, or the stars are out. I especially love that moment after chapel when the topics are fresh on your mind and you visit with friends, most often ones that aren't in your own circle throughout the day. You allow yourself to cry with just the confidentality of your counselor. Then, under galaxies and galaxies you gaze up in wonder and yell good-bye to the staff. :)

When this is accomplished and daydreams and fellowship are fresh you hop into the only good smelling pajamas you can find and have devotions with your girls. Even though I have always longed to still be having fellowship with those on staff {and NOT be in my cabin}I also almost never forget the soul searching that take place in those moments. In the moment where crickets and frogs are singing to their own tunes, and your roommates are tossing and turning.

These are a few moments that have shaped my life. Now, we are not for sure the future of The Oaks, but all I can do is submit this into the Lord's hands.

I want moments like that to shape me this summer, too. Like it has the past five. It just may not look the same.

The Oaks may not be available this year, but God's presence is just as much here, before us, and inviting us as He has been in years past.
Your Will be done, Lord.

In Abba,

From Sunrise...

...till sun down

Written on June 19th{ish}, 2012

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