Monday, June 4, 2012

passing through.

Mom and I went on a roadtrip last Wednesday. {Being my first day of Summer! Woot!}
We drove to my brother's house, stayed the night, and then took my nephew and niece along
with us to my Grandparent's home in Illinois. On the way to my Grandma and Grandpa's
we went through my hometown, drove by our old church, and went to eat at a little place
to eat in smalltown, USA having a population of 200.

While I lived in Mississippi and northwest Iowa all I could think about was Southeast Iowa.
Then, the LORD moved our family to Kansas. It was by no means my idea, but I went because it was what my parents wanted. Looking back, we all know that He specifically put us here for a very specific reason. This is home... for now. We love it. Sincerely and wholeheartedly.

You see, when visiting southestern Iowa while living in northern Iowa and Mississippi we would
feel familiar there. We felt like it was home. Home is a big word.

When going back to Iowa now I feel comfortable... It is indeed familiar.
BUT there is a big gap between familiar and home. I might not always
feel familiar in Kansas. I still feel like the new girl often, but
this is where the LORD has placed us. So we will see what other marvelous things He brings
about in this place.

While going through our home church, seeing old friends, eating at my childhood favorite
''restaurant'', all I could think was, ''I am just passing through.''
I love those people and fellowshipping with them; keeping in touch with them.
But I was just passing through. I had a home where my identity was found in different things
other than what I looked like when I was 5. I had a home where I felt I could be most impactful AT THAT TIME. I have a home, a church, a family, a lifestyle, a relationship with Christ,
that could have only happened if I would have moved away from my place of comfort. It wasn't easy moving... but oh! Am I glad we did!

We should have this passing through attitude all the time. We ARE NOT home.
We have Christ at our home. On earth though, we find Him through many things. We have a place where our identity IS in HIM all the time. I have a home where I will be with my Jesus forevermore. So, for now I will keep on blooming and glowing for Him in the way that He shows fit.
We shall surrender all, loving, and savoring this journey, because after all...

We are just passing through.

Home soon,

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