Monday, June 11, 2012

Last night's beauty. :)

These are some of the extravagant beauty that was in Kansas last night. :) I was thankful that
I got to capture some of it- although pictures don't do anything justice. {First, I am going to add some Kansas beauty from Saturday afternoon.}

We are in the midst of wheat harvest. It is fun for us non-workers :)

This is one of my favorites.

Skip forward a little over 24 hours:


Layers of beauty.
Bottom left kinda looks like South America, doesn't it? :)
If that doesn't speak of His love and majesty I don't know what does. :)

Like an explosion in the sky that remains.

The Lord used some pastel watercolors on this one. :)

Wait till the end of this. I was so happy to get it. You can probably hear me say, ''YES!''

Until next time,
In Abba,

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