Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Walkin' In A Winter Wonderland.

Hello friends! Merry Christmastime :) Here in Kansas it is has been snowing all night... I love snow SO much. This evening our friend Miranda came over for supper, a walk, and a movie! As a family, our tradition is to go on a walk in the first snow of the season-- So, tonight Miranda got in on our tradition and joined the family! ;)  It was alot of fun... Which it always is with her! Here are some pictures from our night/my day :)

View from our front porch earlier! Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

While getting ready or practically anything we have music playing... and recently these guys have been
a favorite. Notice Peculiar Treasures in the favorites above :)

Mom and Miranda walkin'! Oh, the places we have walked together!
 {Miranda went to Uganda w/ us :) }

The street sign...

And its shadow!

The three of us!
{{Before we were numb and covered with snow!}}

Christmas lights <3 {{notice snow on lense :)}}

I love how the Lord planned shadows of snowflakes and tree limbs on the actual snow.

Snowball fight! We were giddy with joy! :)

Isn't this just a wonderful moment captured? :) Happiness! Sisters In Christ we are :)
{{Notice how white my coat has become! ;) }}

All snuggled up in our blankets for the movie!

My great Grandma painted this in 1979 :) I thought it was appropriate for tonights post! :)

I hope you enjoyed following along on our night! Enjoy this week and everything good that comes with it, treasures! :) Live for Jesus and no one else! {{Thanks for hangin' w/ me! :) }}
In Him,

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