Sunday, December 11, 2011

My balance; biblical.

This is all in good fun...No theology, Greek, or Hebrew words this evening-- I don't think, anyway! So, as I am having my quiet time and hangin' out with the Lord this evening {and will continue to after we are done here ;) }I found this verse and had to share it with you. Although there is a story behind it... :)

I was at a joint birthday party with 10 young ladies {including myself} with 3 other ''chaperones'' ladies. Anyway, we went rollerskating first and well-- It was my first time. Everyone else said they were really impressed with it being my first time and all, but I did fall a total of 2 times. Ouch.
Both times it was because I was standing somewhat still and then I lose my balance. The 2nd time I brought my friend down with me!! {Thanks, Kylie for bearing with little ol' me :D } We all had a blast! Thank you chaperones for helping! Also, a special shout out to the birthday girls- Audrey and Mariah! We love you!
When I fell I fell facedown... This is where the ''biblical'' part fits in :D

Levitcus 9:24
''...And when the people saw it, they shouted for joy and fell facedown.''

While this verse was pertaining to the glory of the Lord I found it humorous to find this verse on this night. Although, we did laugh very hard while stuck on the ground trying to get up. We are very entertaining! --Understatement. Now, I might go and write something inspirational in my journal :)

After the fun of the birthday party tonight I went to the latter part of one of our very last Uganda meetings. I forgot how much I missed ''my'' team. Even if I see them at church- I still miss them.
Oh, the experiences we have had together. *sigh*
See ya next time, friends!

In Him,

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