Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mary Pondered and Treasured.

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. ~Luke 2:19

This verse has really stuck out to me as I have heard the Christmas story recently-- This past week specifically. Christmas for  alot of people is stress, right? {{I don't want you to insert an amen here! :) } I have heard from someone this year that they wished Christmas was over already... and I don't think the Lord would be joyous over that. I really don't. I have had a  really hard time getting into the marketing part of Christmas this year... Our trip to Uganda has really helped me w/ the material part of Christmas, but it has been hard. Yes, I will look forward to receiving my presents and I will be grateful for them-- In a way I never have before.
 While in Uganda we celebrated Thanksgiving, but two days later we celebrated Christmas with our family {group}. These kids received a little Christmas tree for the whole family, a Christmas card, and an ornament. ~~ While celebrating a birthday our first night at New Hope the family father got only a cake {with no frosting.} and stood up for ten minutes thanking us for being there. Thanking us for encouraging them. I invite you to ponder these things for awhile. :)

Now, this is Christmas! We know what Christmas is and the majority of you reading have accepted Jesus personally... Do you really focus on Christ? After many years do we forget to ponder why Jesus came as a baby? Within packing our clothes, our gifts, and many things we take for granted... Do we forget why we are doing it? I think that if we focused on resting in Him more we wouldn't stress so much over supposedly going to rest with family. I am NOT saying that we shouldn't pack up our cars and visit them, give gifts, etc. BUT is that all Christmas is for you? Is Christmas all about family? In a way, it is, but Christ is what Christmas is all about! Christ is why we celebrate...Not because any of us or our earthly possessions came down from heaven, humbled themselves, performed miracles, loves us like no one else can, and died for every single person that would breathe on earth-- It is because He did. God came in the form of a human and the blessed {human} life of my Best Friend began.
This is our challenge, Peculiar Treasures.
Don't get to busy resting that you ''forget'' to rest in Him. Love your family like you never have before! {relatives and the Kingdom of God} Follow Mary's example: Ponder these things...Treasure them and remember that the Lord treasures you. Treasure your family. Treasure your friends.  Also, enjoy your break! Don't take it for granted... You won't have another season exactly like this one ever again.

{{I hope I don't sound all ''buh-humbug'' on you! I love this time and am so looking forward to my break off school, seeing my family, and everything in between. :) }}

Lastly, the comments about ''This year went by so fast!'' are already beginning. {Believe me, I have thought it as least 1,050 times :) so far...} Friends, you still have right now. Don't take to much time stating that it went by so fast, because the fact is this: Every. single. year. goes by fast. It won't go slower- You have to number your days and thank Him for every one! You have 13 days left in 2011. You have 365 days in 2012. What are you going to do with them? Use them for Him alone--whatever you do. :)

In Him,
Emilee Kaye :)

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