Wednesday, March 5, 2014

one month since the cut!

Hey, y'all.

Considering most of you marvelous people follow me on Twitter, keep up with my few & far between posts on Facebook, and/or see me on a regular basis {lucky you! ;)} you know that I cut my hair - a month ago today to be exact.

Because I was so busy partying it up with some besties on my birthday weekend, I didn't have the time or energy to officially make the announcement. However, Studio D did so for me with these before & after pictures!

It was a looong day, but so worth it in the end! 

Here I am in the middle of the ombre process with my patient stylist!

Do I regret it? Overall, no. It was a really big change. It hasn't been a hard adjustment - I love my hair - but it's still weird. Today I was itching to make a fishtail awfully badly, but not because I'm sad about temporarily not being able to do the fishtail braid justice - I just didn't want to take time to do anything else. We all have those days, or months, amen?

Days after I made the cut, so did Taylor Swift. She must've heard about the big change going on in the Great Plains & followed suit.

Have I mentioned that I love her? I may love her cut even more than I love my own.

Are you one of my friends that are still heartbroken over my inches lost?  The one that is slow to forgive?

Look at this picture, because these still look like the long hair is there! Also, be comforted that it will bless someone else. Whomever receives it via Locks of Love, they needed more than I ever did!

S/O to my mop of hair that just got a whole entire blog to itself. Beside's Taylor's.

It might have something to do with the fact that I worked hard straightening it this morning, only to be hit by the flu bug an hour later. So sad.

Sidenote: you might not yet know what I am giving up for Lent, but know that it involves this: more writing. Yay!

Peace out, my peeps!


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