Saturday, January 25, 2014

just a lil' randomness of 1.14

Well, hey there, treasures!

How are my lovely friends doing?

It's January. It's the month of crossing out that darn 2013 and writing 2014. A month of crossing out all the grief and the bad habits of the year before and starting fresh.

I kick-started this month with a day in bed with the flu. Whoop whoop! It wasn't a picnic by any means, but I got to lay in bed & complete season one of Grey's Anatomy. Which brings us to my list of fun facts about January!

  • Grey's Anatomy. Judge all you want, but it's pretty darn fantastic. It's actually pretty sad how much I'm tweeting about Grey's (and nothing else most days). Between writing a brand new story centered in Mississippi, reading my new books, & Grey's - my free time is very happy! 
  • I may have spent new year's day sick, but I spent new year's eve with my long lost sister and her hubby feasting & watching The Help. Of course, she's not actually my sister, but she might as well be! These newlyweds just moved to town this fall & I'm so very thankful they did! 
  • I'm the new church librarian! Much excitement, adrenaline, and plans are underway. I believe there is a great ministry opportunity in filling & tending to those bookshelves.
  • I am working on a new story (as I mentioned above) that I am very excited about. I do my best at trying to be writing in it between 11 & 1 every night. That's the best case scenario, however.
  • I didn't recover from Christmas denial until around January 15th. 
  • Judy Howard Peterson came to our church earlier this month for a retreat. She has been here three years in a row now & we have become pretty good friends throughout the different year's activities. Every time she comes I'm inspired in a new way. This year she talking about 'In Christ'. It was good stuff that I still find myself chewing on every day. 
  • A few days into this month I started working through the book of Isaiah. A lot of my favorite Scriptures are there & I wanted to read the book in it's entirety. My devotional book last year had rich truths, but I'm so happy to be back to this sort of daily study! 
  • Finals... they happened the second week of January. The end. 
  • I'm beginning a new obsession with Audrey Hepburn. I haven't watched a lot of movies yet, but every one I've watched, I've LOVED. 
  • I made a new year's resolution to be less sarcastic. NOT! 
  • On the 2nd I was introduced to a store I fell in love with: The Dusty Bookshelf. It's perfection and I could go on for days.

I used to dream about the places I would blog in this house of mine - when it wasn't yet. I'm sitting here now pondering on another month soon to be over, another year behind me, soon to be another teenage year to begin. There are flowers on the counter that a dear friend brought me when I was sick last week and the scent of tea & honey is whirling before me. I dread the morning when I'll have to wake up early, but it's all for good reason. It's the Sabbath tomorrow. 

Maybe January has been full of a lot of sadness for me - there were days this month when I couldn't stop crying all day long. It was a month brimmed with tears, but for every tear there was an embrace from God & the gift of laughter. When I wanted to crawl into a hole, He brought the exact people to me at the exact perfect time. Time? It's His thing. Not mine. That's what I need to remember, what I need to trust. His timing? Also not mine. I know that all of us are probably waiting on the Lord for something today, any kind of answer. I know that this is the very last thing you want to hear, but guess what? You're not alone. Other people may break you, but the Lord will do what He has promised. It's our turn to wait. Waiting? It's supposedly my thing, but I'm not very good at it. Take heart, dear soul. 

January 29th is coming up. Last year at this time, we had just heard the news that the cancer had spread & that Grandpa's last days were soon to be flashed before our blurry eyes. I can't believe it's been a year without him. When I still find myself asking why, we can be comforted simply by the fact that if we could see Grandpa - that would be the last question on our minds & lips. 

Treasures, it was good to catch up on just a little bit of news in my little corner of the world with you!
Let's talk soon. 

In Christ, 

"I don't make resolutions. I dream." -Robin Jones Gunn

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