Sunday, December 22, 2013

snowy explorations.

TREASURES! Students, how is YOUR break going so far? It's snowing, friends. I'm currently messaging a camp bestie and watching the snow fall outside from my window seat. It looks awfully beautiful from this HOME of mine. ;) I'm stinkin' excited about my break. It has kicked off very happily. I just tweeted about a few of my favorite plans: "Writing & reading in this thing called free time. Coffee dates. CHRISTMAS! Family. Virtual camp bestie party. Snow." I'm here now, though, to share with you a few fun memories from today! Auntie, Uncle, Momma, Dad, and I went on a mini-roadtrip to explore some unique shops in some fun little towns farther away than we go on a monthly basis. We had a blast and it was just a breath of fresh air to not have an agenda. A few presents in mind, but no hurry. Ahhhh. Giggling. We do a lot of that, but I'm sure you couldn't tell. At the front end of our trip, thanks to SnapChat! *insert picture here of a cute shop that I can't wait to revisit that blogger won't let me upload. sad face.* The inside of this shop just topped of the whole Hallmark movie feel of the day. If I lived near this town, I would barely ever do school at home. They had some spectacular cozy coffee shops and restaurants. The best one was in a Christian bookstore. HUGE PLUS! Looking forward to the day we go back. I have contradicting emotions about mistletoes. Point to be soon proven. Hey boy... After our shop explorations and our toes were frozen, we decided to head for home in the snow storm. It took us over two hours when it should have taken us one or less. We just prayed our way through it! We were very happen to see those lighted snowflakes and wreaths around our town square. It was a fun time had by all and the perfect way to begin this break that will speed by all too quickly. With that, dear treasures, I need to be on my way to hit the hay just in case church isn't cancelled due to the still-falling huge snowflakes! Until next time, Emilee

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