Monday, June 10, 2013

reasons why i love coming home.

My fam & I went to the Rhubarb Fest this weekend. It was a good little visit, but I am always ready to come home. Thankfully, though, that used to not be the case. We used to LIVE for short vacations and now we welcome them, but love our home... & that has not always been the case.

  • Since I have limited WiFi & not my usual apps & websites that I'm checking up on often at home, trips are usually quiet social media wise. Hence, when I come home I have a lot to update & a lot of friends to catch up with. That may seem strange, but it's a perk of finally entering our driveway.

  • I got to see my best friend, Chloe, for the first time in weeks. We went to our town's Snow Cone Central & headed to a drive-in movie at our youth group. Pure happiness.

  • Seeing your town coming closer after a day full of fun, but weary traveling.

  • The feeling when you walk in the back door.

  • When your bags are unpacked & all your new treasures have found a home.
I know there has been many more reasons than those rolling through my mind, but... it indeed was a beautiful day, but an exhausting one. So, logging off for now...

Hoping to come back soon & very soon.

In Abba,

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