Sunday, February 3, 2013

explanations of my hatred for the 14th day.

If you haven't heard already, I hate Valentine's Day. In fact, I'm sure I am one of the biggest enemies of the stinkin' day. Everyone thinks I'm quiet until they get to know me or they hear my opinion of Valentine's Day. You have been warned.

Below are the reasons that I hate Valentine's Day in no specific order. Also, I'm including cards + videos from people that agree with my point of view. I'm sure I won't stray you one way or the other. You either love it or you hate it.

  • The guys never win. Ever.
For example, a boyfriend gets his sweetheart nothing for valentine's day, because she said not to worry about it. So, because men tend not to over analyze, he doesn't really know that that meant that she secretly wants him to know her heart so well that he would know she REALLY actually does want something. Whoo, that was a 'mouth'ful.

Secondly, regardless of what instructions the girlfriend gave to the boyfriend, he got her something. It wasn't enough. Who knows how many other girls got the same thing she did? She wanted something personal, but he thought spending insert-amount-here stinkin' bucks would be enough. 

  • Official Single Awareness Day.
I mean, really?
All singles in general are lonely in some way, shape, or form enough on a daily basis. We don't need a stinkin' holiday to remind us that we are 'forever alone' and that someone out there is buying their sweetheart something that we aren't going to get... or that we aren't going to get something from a charming acquaintance we were really hoping would take the plunge.
BUT, if you do go out on Valentine's Day or just have a valentine of your own, seriously--pray for the singles in your life. If you think about me you can, but I'm thinking my teenage self will just
suck it up and get over my romantic self on the worst day of the year.
  • It promotes fake love.
We are paper hearts, but we mustn't be torn up. . So, even though we DO want treats + presents... if the man's heart isn't in it it's worthless. She might as well throw it away. That's another reason the guy could be confused... no matter what the price tag is, for most of us, we just want to be cherished. We want a sign of that.
Plus, no satisfaction can come from a day, person, or material possession--in Christ alone can our hearts be filled. It's a continual practice. Our hearts are broken and we don't want to go back again and again... because it's painful. Only then, though, will true happiness and freedom come. It's hard to explain in a day-to-day way to understand, but I can tell you this for sure: constant communication with the Lover of our souls does wonders within one's self.
  • The money factor.
BTW, the last point doesn't give you guys an out to not spend money ONLY because I said that. I'm just sayin'.
Back to the point, the marketing is outrageous. Why spend SO MUCH money on this day? How about February 15--the best day of the year? It represents everyday life + the beauty beheld THERE--not when everything is glamorous and covered up. I would rather have something then than because of a silly marketing scheme. Take note, future husband, wherever thou art.

  • I don't like pink.
I may wear it, but I'm just not the biggest fan. The isles of red, pink, and all those cheesy sayings just... UGH.

  • The stinkin' holiday sucks me in.
Maybe one of the worst things about it is that I REALLY do want something on valentine's day, but because of these reasons + more, I tell people I don't want anything. I am speaking in truth, though, when I say that I would rather have something on February 15th. Plus, buyers--it will be cheaper. :)
 It grips us hopeFUL romantics and never lets us go. Ever.

  • It's overrated.
"Oh, honey, let's go out to eat tonight and wait an hour to spend $50 on a dinner that you don't even really want to go to?" Once again, the guys commitment.

I mustn't continue explainging this segment. It pretty much explains itself.

For now, that concludes my main rant. It's a small list in comparison to my passion about the subject.

On a better note: the reasons I tolerate the day.

  • It gives gift-givers like me an excuse.
Like this states, it gives me an excuse to make someone's day a little brighter. You could call it some sort of courage-giver. Even though you should give randomly as well, sometimes you need an extra boost. Although, I may not take the 'excuse', it's there!

  • It's my nephew's birthday.
Probably the only reason I don't say I wish the day didn't exist. I love that little guy.

That's all the good I can think of. For now. :)

On these last notes, men:
So, dear valentine, somewhere out there...
here's to you:

Weary and rejoicing,

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